Preparing Waybills

What is a Waybill?

The following is an explanation of the waybill used when sending a parcel within Japan or overseas.

A waybill is a document on which information such as the destination is written at the time of sending.
In addition to the addresses, names, and contact information for the recipient and the sender, the parcel contents are also written on the waybill.
The waybill is then affixed to the parcel for delivery.

Waybills can be written in English.

The Sales Driver will peel off and affix waybills. Therefore, you are not required to perform this step.

Obtaining a Waybill

Method Explanation  
Obtain a waybill at a Yamato Transport Sales Office, convenience store or TA-Q-BIN Agency Blank waybills are available at Yamato Transport Sales Office, convenience stores and TA-Q-BIN Agencies.
  • *Some services may not be available.
Have a Sales Driver bring a waybill at the time of pickup Sales Drivers will bring blank waybills to your home.You can also use theOpen in New WindowTA-Q-BIN Waybill Printing Service (Japanese Only)in which information is printed on waybills in advance.
  • *Blank waybills cannot be downloaded online.
  • *Kuroneko Members, a free online membership service for Yamato Transport, allows members to print waybills at home. However, it is currently only available in Japanese.

How to Fill Out a Waybill

The type of waybill used and how to fill out the waybill differs depending on the service, sending method, etc.
Please start by confirming the basic writing method. Next, refer to special writing requirements for the intended use.

Points to Take Notice of When Filling Out a Waybill

100 JPY discount per parcel is applied when sending multiple parcels to the same destination

Multiple Parcels Waybills

When sending two or more parcels to the same destination, a 100 JPY discount per parcel is applied. To receive a discount, please use the "Multiple Parcels Waybills."

  • *Reduced Rates for Multiple Parcels only apply to prepaid TA-Q-BIN parcels.
  • *Not available for TA-Q-Bin Compact, Cool TA-Q-Bin, Golf TA-Q-Bin, Ski TA-Q-Bin, Airport TA-Q-Bin, Round Trip TA-Q-Bin, TA-Q-Bin Time Service, International TA-Q-Bin or Household Goods TA-Q-Bin.
  • *Not available for Golf TA-Q-BIN, Ski TA-Q-Bin, Snowboard TA-Q-BIN, and suitcases/travel bags that are Size 160 or larger.
  • *Multiple-package waybills cannot be used on the types of packages listed as not available.

For Cash on Delivery, a special waybill is required.

Cash on Delivery

"Cash on Delivery" refers to when TA-Q-BIN rates are paid by the recipient. Please note that a special waybill is required for each service when using Cash on Delivery.

  • *No fees are charged for using Cash on Delivery.

60 JPY discount per parcel is applied when specifying pickup at a Sales Office

A Yamato Transport Sales Office can be specified as the destination instead of a home address. A 60 JPY discount per parcel is applied when using this service.

When your parcel has arrived, please come to a Yamato Transport Sales Office to pick it up.

If a Mistake is Made When Filling Out the Waybill

If you make a mistake when writing your address or other information on the waybill, use a double line to cross out the incorrect information and then write the correct information. Waybills corrected using this method can be accepted.Waybills are carbon copied to multiple sheets of paper. Therefore, corrections cannot be made using correction tape, etc.

If there is not enough space to make the required correction, please use a new waybill.
To acquire a new waybill, please ask for one when requesting pickup or when dropping off your parcel.

How to Send a Parcel