Dangerous and Prohibited Items

The following items cannot be sent by TA-Q-BIN.

Cash, bank checks, promissory notes, stock certificates and other securities

Cards such as credit cards and bank cards

Examination admission tickets, passports and vehicle inspection certificates which are difficult to replace

Manuscripts, original drawings, tapes and film which cannot be reproduced

Pets such as dogs, cats and birds

Pets can be sent withOpen in New WindowYamato Home Convenience.

Poisonous and dangerous substances

Products containing dangerous substances, such as batteries, cannot be sent

Cremated remains, spirit tablets and Buddhist altars

Weapons such as firearms or swords

Ignitable, flammable and volatile substances, explosives such as fireworks, kerosene, gas cylinders and paint thinner

Parcels containing items totalling more than 300,000 JPY (tax included)

Parcels containing items, such as unsanitary items, which pose the risk of damaging other parcels

Parcels containing confidential letters and other items which violate the law, public order or public morality

Open in New WindowGuidelines regarding the classification of confidential letters (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) (Japanese Only)

For certain regions, TA-Q-BIN Time Service parcels are shipped by air freight and regulated by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

  • *If items which cannot be shipped by air frieght (dangerous goods) are included in the parcel, delivery may be delayed for 1 day or more.
Corresponding Regions
  • Okinawa ↔ Other Prefectures in Japan
  • Hokkaido ↔ Kyushu, Chugoku and Shikoku Regions
Corresponding Services

Dangerous items which cannot be shipped by air freight


Fireworks, firecrackers, smoke candles, gun powder, etc.

High-pressure gas

Diving tanks, camping gas cylinders, portable gas cartridges, etc.

Flammable liquid

Oil lighters, lighter fluid, cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, etc.


Matches, charcoal, etc.


Compact oxygen generators, peroxide, bleaching agent. etc.

Poisonous substances

Insecticides, pesticides, dyes, disinfectants, herbicides, etc

Radioactive substances

Pharmaceutical products regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, substances included in medical instruments, etc.

Corrosive substances

Wet cell batteries, rechargeable batteries, UPS, mercury, etc

Other hazardous substances

Magnets, lifesaving equipment, kerosene stoves, nail polish, nail polish remover, etc.

Items which can be shipped via air freight if a declaration is made in advance and the items are packed using appropriate methods

Dry ice

Please write the weight in the "Parcel Contents" section

Products containing lithium-ion batteries

PCs, digital cameras, mobile phones, game consoles, etc.

Devices that have GPS or emit radio waves

Mobile phones, game consoles, etc

  • *Devices must be turned off

Please contact Customer Service Center regarding detailed packing methods and documents which are required to be submitted.

In addtion, we may not be able to accept items depending on the service, parcel size or packaging.

How to Send a Parcel