Dangerous and Prohibited Items (International TA-Q-BIN)

Food Products


Japanese sake, whisky, beer, sprits, cooking sake (ryorishu), rice wine for cooking (mirin), etc.

Items that require temperature management/perishables

Unbaked sweets, etc.

Fresh food

Vegetables, fruits, etc.

Meat products (Including meat extracts)

Instant noodles, pre-packaged curry (including curry powder), meat simmered in soy sauce, etc.

Beans (Non-processed)

Soy beans, sweet red beans

  • *Miso and soy sauce are processed bean products and can be sent as long as there are no restrictions at the destination country.

Health food

Supplements, vitamin pills, etc.

Uncooked rice

  • *Pre-packaged (ready-to-eat) rice can be sent.
    However, restrictions may exist in some countries.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, milk powder, yogurt, etc.

Food products which may be prohibited by the Plant Protection Act

Flour, coffee beans (including instant coffee), etc.

Flora and Fauna


Cut flowers (including traditional Japanese flower decorations, Shimenawa (sacred straw ropes), and preserved flowers)

Seeds, dirt

Bonsai plants, etc.


Live animals, fish, insects, etc.


Rabbit fur, fox fur, etc.

Items prohibited by the Washington Convention

Ivory, turtle shells, ostrich, leather products, aloe, pine resin etc.

  • *When sending cosmetics, it is necessary to attach a list of ingredients to prove that the cosmetics do not contain aloe or other substances which violate the Washington Convention.

Hazardous Items and Medicine

Items which cause issues inside aircraft

For more information, please check "Dangerous and Prohibited Items (TA-Q-BIN)."

  • *When sending cosmetics, it is necessary to attach an MSDS (in Japanese) to prove that the cosmetics do not contain ingredients which will cause issues inside aircraft. (we do not accept items which contain,alcohol, oils, ethanol)

Lithium batteries (and products containing lithium batteries)

Computers, tablets, cell phones (smart phones), game consoles, portable music players, electric rice cookers, video cameras, digital cameras, power banks (portable chargers), clocks, etc.

  • *Items which use lithium batteries cannot be accepted even if batteries have been removed.

Batteries (dry cell batteries, storage batteries, etc.) and products with batteries installed

Toys, flashlights, electronic dictionaries, calculators, clocks, etc.


Scissors, kitchen knives, utility knives, saws, etc.

Gas springs

Shock absorbers, cylinders, suspension products (hydraulic, pneumatic), etc.

Deleterious substances/poison

Sodium cyanide, chloroform, sodium fluoroacetate, etc.

Narcotics, pharmaceuticals, quasi drugs, and medical devices

Including cold medicine and other over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, traditional Chinese herbal medicines, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc.


  • *Based on customs laws and other related laws and regulations, the required documentation is to be submitted to customs when the parcel is clearing export customs (declaration). If documents are not approved, the parcel may not be granted permission to be exported (as outline in Article 70 of the Customs Act).
  • *To ensure that no issues arise in the shipping process, we ask you to submit an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for chemicals.

In addition to the above, we may not be able to accept parcels depending on the service, parcel size or packing condition. Please refer to the following links for more information.

Please refer to the following link to check prohibited items by country.