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The Yamato Transport Homepage (hereinafter referred to as the "Homepage") is operated by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yamato Transport"). Please read and agree to the following items when using the Homepage.


Yamato Transport makes absolutely no guarantee regarding the completeness, validity or accuracy of information listed on the Homepage. Yamato Transport assumes absolutely no responsibility in the unlikely event that a customer experiences some sort of loss as a result of using the information listed here.
Furthermore, Yamato Transport may change the contents of information or stop the provision of information listed on the homepage without prior notice.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The copyrights for the text, illustrations, photographs, movies, software and all other information on the Homepage belong to Yamato Transport and third parties, and are protected by copyright law and international treaties. Except for personal purposes and other acts permitted by copyright laws, modification or use (including copying, reprinting, transfer and distribution) of all or a portion of any of these copyrighted materials without the prior consent of the respective rights holder is strictly prohibited.

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Please thoroughly read the following precautions if you wish to create a link from the Homepage to other websites.
If Yamato Transport discovers a link which violates the following precautions or which Yamato Transport deems as inappropriate, we will issue a request for deletion of the link to the operator. Operators of the website must comply with deletion requests.

1. Precautions Regarding Links

  1. (1)Unauthorized use of any logo, mark or other registered trademark of Yamato Transport when making links is prohibited.
  2. (2)Yamato Transport does not permit links from any of the following types of homepages:
    • Any homepage that defames or impairs the reputation of Yamato Transport or any other company (person) or organization.
    • Any homepage that damages or has the potential to damage intellectual property such as copyrights or trademarks, assets, privacy, image rights or other rights of Yamato Transport or any other company (person) or organization.
    • Any homepage that is misleading to a third-party, such as a homepage that opens the Homepage within a frame or uses any other method which makes it unclear that the displayed contents are property of Yamato Transport. (Please make links which display the Homepage by switching the screen completely to the Homepage or opening a new browser window).
    • Any homepage that creates the false impression of a partnership or cooperative relationship with Yamato Transport, or the false impression that Yamato Transport recognizes or supports the operator of that homepage.
    • In addition to the items listed above, any homepage containing illegal content or content that offends public order and morality, or any homepage which may interfere with the operation of the Homepage.
  3. (3)Yamato Transport does not guarantee or recommended the contents or listed products/services of homepages which are linked to the Homepage (hereinafter referred to as "Link Source Homepages"). Yamato Transport takes no responsibility whatsoever for Link Source Homepages. Furthermore, the existence of a link does not imply a special relationship, such as an affiliated company or business partnership, between Yamato Transport and the company operating the Link Source Homepage.


Yamato Transport assumes no responsibility whatsoever for damages or problems related to links.

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  • *Some pages use pop-up windows. Therefore, please change the settings for the pop-up blocker function.
  • *The recommended environment differs for some services such as Kuroneko Members web services and Yamato Business Members. Please refer to the relevant page for further details.

Convenience and security

The Homepage has implemented the following technical measures in order to ensure convenience and security when handling information.


Please refer to "Cookie Policy" for details of cookies we use.
Notwithstanding foregoing, for details of cookies that GDPR applies to, please refer to "GDPR Cookie Notice".

2.Access Data Collection Tools

To provide customers with information services that are pertinent and easy to use, a portion of the Homepage and some other applications used by us may use data statistics tools such as Google Analytics.
Please refer to Open in New Windowthis page for the terms of service for Google Analytics.


In order to increase the ease of use by customers, a portion of the contents on the Homepage uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is not turned "on" in your browser settings, contents may not be displayed nor operate correctly.


In order to increase security, a portion of the services on the Homepage use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication. In order to use encrypted services, your browser must support SSL.
Using a web browser that supports SSL realizes automatic encryption of personal information such as name, address and telephone number when that information is entered by the customer.
Even in the unlikely event that sent data is intercepted by a third party, the content of data cannot be stolen.
Certain settings such as firewalls may make it impossible to use pages which are protected by SSL.

Protection of Personal Information

Please view thePrivacy Policypage for information on protection of personal information.

Applicable Laws & Courts of Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stated, use of the Homepage and interpretation/application of this Terms of Use section are in accordance with Japanese law.
Furthermore, unless otherwise stated, all disputes related to the Homepage are under the primary jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.