Send Parcels Overseas

International TA-Q-BIN

International TA-Q-BIN

International TA-Q-BIN can be used to send gifts, products and other goods to countries throughout the world.

As the service is different to the regular TA-Q-BIN service in Japan, the import and export regulations of each country apply.

  • Discounts
  • Select the time zone
  • Sales Office Pickup Service
  • Convenience store services available
  • Cash on delivery available
  • Return deliveries available


About changes to the reception hours of international TA-Q-BIN call center (Japanese only)

Changes to some zones in the rate list for International TA-Q-BIN・UPS Worldwide Express Saver(WWX) (Japanese only)

Regarding the suspension of receipt of parcels for International TA-Q-BIN and UPS Worldwide Express Saver (WWX) due to the deterioration of the situation in Russia and neighboring countries (Japanese only)

Temporary Suspension of Handling and Delivery Delays in International TA-Q-BIN and UPS Worldwide Express Saver (WWX) (Japanese only)

Regarding changes in the design of photocopied international TA-Q-BIN slips and the description of HS-CODE for EU(Japanese only)

Status of Deliveries to Each Country

For the latest details on the status of handling of parcels in countries worldwide, please see our Service Alerts: UPS page.

Please Select the Destination Country or Region.

Please select country name

Door-to-door Shipping to More than 200 Countries and Regions All Around the World

Door-to-door shipping to more than 200 countries and regions all around the world

Send your parcels abroad from japan.

  • Percels are delivered by our trusted global pertners.
  • Depending on the country, parcels may be delivered to customers at the airport.
    In such cases, Yamato Transport is only liable up until delivery to the airport.

Countries Where Personal Parcels cannot be Accepted

For the following countries, parcels other than documents cannot be handled when either the shipper or receiver is a private individual.

Asia China, the Philippines, Mongolia, India North/Central America Canada, Mexico
South America Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela Europe Portugal, Russia
Middle East Qatar, Saudi Arabia


International TA-Q-BIN Rates and Available Sizes

Rates differ depending on the destination country and parcel size. For more information, please select the destination country or region.

Destination country

Destination countries are divided into the following four zones:

Zone 1 Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
Zone 2 Australia, New Zealand, America, India, etc.
Zone 3 England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc.
Zone 4 Regions other than those listed above

Parcel size

In addition to the rate system from Size 60 to Size 160 for TA-Q-BIN, we offer the reasonable "Document Pack" for sending documents.

  • The maximum linear dimensions is 160cm and maximum weight is 25kg.
Document Pack

Only can be used for paper documents.
Paper documents sent together with other items such as floppy disks and CDs will not be treated as documents. Invoices are required.

Customs Tariffs and Other Fees

Customs fees and other fees may be incurred when parcels are imported into their destination country.
Customs tariffs and other views are at the discretion of the local customs and related authorities at the delivery location. Any fees which are incurred must be paid by the sender (you) or the receiver.
For more information, please select the destination country or region.

Delivery Service Area

Depending on the destination country, regions not served may be specified. For more information, please select the destination country or region.

Minimum Delivery Times to Major Cities

Delivery times differ depending on the destination country/region. For more information, please select the destination country or region.

Items Prohibited by International TA-Q-BIN

There are items which are prohibited in some countries (due to laws, treaties, etc.) and items which are prohibited in every country.

Items prohibited in every country

Please check "Items Prohibited by International TA-Q-BIN."

Parcels or personal items being sent to a lodger

Parcels or personal items being sent to a lodger

The following items cannot be handled: Parcels being sent to a post-office box, hotel or lodging facilities; personal items (parcels shipped separately) in conjunction with study abroad, foreign dispatch, travel, etc.
If these items are sent overseas, they will not be exempted from taxes. The items will be subjected to customs tariffs and other fees incurred for each destination country and item.
When sending personal items (parcels shipped separately), please use "新しいウィンドウを開きますStudy Abroad TA-Q-BIN."

Also, parcels cannot be sent to exhibition or event venues.
For fine arts items which require special packing and transportation, please contact below.

Sending Methods Available

  • Pickup at Your Home
  • TA-Q-BIN Agencies
  • Yamato Transport Sales Office?100 JPY discount per parcel
  • Convenience Store
  • Delivery Locker?

Available Options

  • Specified Date Delivery
  • Time Zone Delivery
  • Sales Office Pickup Service?
  • Temporary Custody Service?
  • Round Trip TA-Q-BIN
  • Reduced Rates for Multiple Parcels?
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Digital Discount?

How to Send International TA-Q-BIN

How to Create Waybills

An invoice is required to send parcels.

An invoice is a certificate of parcel contents which is prepared by the sender when shipping parcels overseas.
Waybill with invoice can only be used by individual customers.
For corporate customers, please use an invoice in your company's format, or download the invoice format from below.
Corporate customers are required to fill in the corporate name and invoice number (customer's optional number) on the invoice.

The information written on the invoice and the actual contents must match. If a discrepancy is discovered via X-ray inspection or any other method, the invoice will be treated as a false declaration and parcels may be returned.
Invoices are also required for customs declarations. Therefore, please make sure to write the FOB (free on board) price on the invoice.
Please note that the sender may be contacted if no FOB price is listed.
(Prices in other currencies may also be listed together.)

An invoice is required to send parcels.

Depending on the destination country or parcel, special care may be required for invoices and other required documentation.
For more information, please select the destination country or region.

You can also obtain waybills at your nearest Yamato Transport Sales Office.

For customers who want to create a separate invoice

Invoice forms can be downloaded below.
Please prepare 3 copies each time a parcel is shipped.

How to Pack and Send

Precautions regarding packing

International TA-Q-BIN is an air freight service. Appropriate packaging is required to ensure your parcel is not to get damaged.
If the packing materials used are extremely weak (e.g. plastic bags or soft envelope material), parcels may be returned based on the International Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions (Article 8-5).


Depending on the destination country, other items may require special care in addition to those listed below.
For more information, please select the destination country or region.

  • Depending on factors such as parcel condition, customs status and weather, delivery may be delayed or be impossible.
  • Please note that the delivery time may change depending on customs inspections, etc.
  • Export and import customs are not performed on Saturdays, Sundays or local holidays.
  • International TA-Q-BIN is insured up to 200,000 JPY per waybill. However, when the product price is not listed on the waybill, insurance will be limited to 22 SDR per kg. (Excludes some cases)
  • When parcels are clearing customs at the destination country, depending on that country's import regulations and customs clearance procedures, special procedures may be required.
  • Please refer to International Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions for other precautions.
    PDFファイルを開きますInternational Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions (PDF: 437KB)