What can be done with Kuroneko Members?

Receiving Parcels Smoothly!

A notice will be sent before delivery!
Receiving parcels at convenience stores and lockers is also possible!
No need to call to request redelivery!

By joining Kuroneko Members, 「“Delivery Notice Email”」and「“Attempted Delivery Email”」、 will be sent to you. Notices can also be received through 「Open in New Window“LINE Official Account.”」 You can specify the receiving time and place directly through the notices.

What is Kuroneko Members

Kuroneko Members is a free membership scheme aiming to provide customers with more convenient services for sending and receiving TA-Q-BIN.

How to Register

Input customer information

  1. ABasic Information
    Email Address Please enter your email address.
    Kuroneko ID Please enter your Kuroneko ID.
    Password Please enter your password.
    Reenter password to confirm Please input your password again for confirmation.
  2. BCustomer Information
    Name Please enter your name.
    Phonetic Please enter full-width Furigana for reading.
    Phone Number 1 Please enter your phone number.
    Phone Number 2 Please enter your other phone number.
    Gender Please enter your gender.
    Date of birth Please enter your date of birth.
    Home address Please enter your Home address.

Service registration

  1. CE-notice Series & Desired Membership Card
    Desired Membership Card Please choose your desired membership card.
  2. DEmail & Information
    Email & Information Please put a check if you would like to receive information from Yamato Group.

Email Before Delivery

  1. ADelivery Schedule

    Here shows the expected delivery date and time.
    Delivery date and time can be changed from the URL.

  2. BReceiver's Information

    Here shows the delivery address, payment amount and waybill number.
    Delivery status can be checked from the URL.

Email after delivery

Delivery completed email

  1. ADelivery Information

    Here shows the waybill number, delivery date and time.

Attempted delivery email

  1. BRedelivery Request

    Redelivery request can be made online or by phone.