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Send Golf Equipment to and from the Golf Course with Our "Hands-Free" ServiceGolf TA-Q-BINGolf TA-Q-BIN

Send your golf equipment and other luggage to the golf course.
Use Round Trip TA-Q-BIN to make the return delivery easy.Parcels heavier than 25kg are not accepted.

  • Discounts available
  • Select the time zone (return only)
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery Center Pickup Service
  • Convenience store services available
  • Cash on delivery available (return only)
  • Return deliveries available


Golf TA-Q-BIN Rates and Acceptable Sizes




60 size
Cashless JPY
+cost of special cover
Cash JPY
+cost of special cover
80 size
Cashless JPY
+cost of special cover
Cash JPY
+cost of special cover
100 size
Cashless JPY
+cost of special cover
Cash JPY
+cost of special cover
120 size
Cashless JPY
+cost of special cover
Cash JPY
+cost of special cover
140〜160 size
Cashless JPY
+cost of special cover
Cash JPY
+cost of special cover
  • * The rates listed above are one-way rates for one parcel.
  • * Use discount services for even more reasonable rates.
  • * The rates listed above apply when sending a golf bag or a travel bag. Items packed into cardboard boxes are charged using the same rate system as regular TA-Q-BIN.
  • * The same rates apply for full and half set of golf clubs and bag.
  • * All prices are tax included.

Delivery Process

At least two days (or in some areas, three days) before arriving at the golf course: Please drop off bags by the "Sending Deadline."
  • *The "Sending Deadline" varies depending on the drop off counter.
At least a day before arriving at the golf course: Bags are delivered to the golf course.
When arriving at the golf course: Bags can be picked up at the reception desk of the golf course.
When returning home:

100 JPY discount per parcel
When using Round Trip TA-Q-BIN

Please drop off golf equipment and other luggage at the reception desk of the golf course. No other procedures, such as filling out a waybill or making a payment, are required and customers can return without worrying about their luggage.

  • *The return service can be used up to one month from the day the luggage is dropped off.
  • *The TA-Q-BIN Delivery Center Pickup Service cannot be used for the return service. However, Yamato Transport Sales Office pickups are available if a Yamato Transport Sales Office is specified as the destination.

When not using Round Trip TA-Q-BIN

Golf equipment and other luggage can be sent back home by making arrangement at the golf course.

  • *You can specify delivery times and use Cash on Delivery when sending to your home or office.
  • *Time Zone Delivery and Cash on Delivery cannot be used when sending to the golf course.

Information Regarding Bag Covers

Bag covers are required for shipping.

  • Golf Bag Travel Cover

    ▲Golf Bag Travel Cover 5,070 JPY (tax included)Caddy Bag Cover 15cm × 54.5cm × 135cm (W × L × H)
    Tote Bag 10cm × 34cm × 25cm (W × L × H)

  • Basic Golf Bag Cover (L)

    ▲Basic Golf Bag Cover (L) 570 JPY (tax included)68cm × 143 cm (W × H)

  • Travel Bag Cover (L)

    ▲Travel Bag Cover (L) 210 JPY (tax included)Internal dimensions: 29cm × 60cm × 61cm (W × L × H)

When dropping off parcels: Covers can be purchased at Yamato Transport Sales Offices.
When requesting pickup: Sales Drivers will bring over upon request.
  • *For Golf Bag Travel Cover, stock will be prepared after order is received. It may take some time for delivery.
    Please order on Packing Materials Order Website "Kuroneko Market" (Japanese only), Customer Service Center (0120-17-9625) or contact your nearest Sales Office/ Sales Driver in charge of your area.

Sending Methods Available

  • Pickup at Your Home
  • TA-Q-BIN Agencies100 JPY discount per parcel
  • Yamato Transport Sales Offices?100 JPY discount per parcel
    150 JPY discount for Kuroneko Members
  • Convenience Store100 JPY discount per parcel
  • Delivery Locker?

Available Options

  • Specified Date Delivery
  • Time Zone Delivery* Return trip only
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery Center Pickup Service?
  • Temporary Custody Service?* Return trip only
  • Round Trip TA-Q-BIN200 JPY discount per parcel
  • Reduced Rates for Multiple Parcels?
  • Cash on Delivery* Return trip only
  • Digital Discount?60 JPY discount per parcel

Kuroneko Members Services

  • Kuroneko Members Discount?Maximum shipping discount of 15%
  • Kuroneko Members Drop-Off
    Discount?150 JPY discount per parcel
  • RAKURAKU Waybill Printing Service?
  • Delivery Completed Email?

How to Send Golf TA-Q-BIN

How to Create Waybills

Filling Out Waybills by Hand

Waybills are available at nearby Yamato Transport Sales Offices, convenience stores and TA-Q-BIN Agencies.

How to Pack and Send


  • For Golf TA-Q-BIN, each parcel is insured up to 300,000 JPY (tax included).
  • Please bring your waybill receipt to your destination as this will be exchanged for your luggage.

Request pickup


Please note that inquiries made after 6:00pm may be responded to after 9:00am the following day.

Inquiries by Phone


The hours of operation differs depending on the type of inquiry.

When difficult to connect with the toll-free number

in English03-6757-1061
(9:00am to 6:00pm, 365 days a year)