Delivering Catalogs, Pamphlets and Other Direct Mail to Mailboxes

Kuroneko DM-Bin

Kuroneko DM-Bin is a service for delivering catalogs, pamphlets, and other promotional material to mailboxes throughout Japan without a seal of receipt.

This service can be used by corporate customers, group customers, and sole proprietorship customers who have made a contract with Yamato Transport.

  • Credit agreement
  • Time range selection not available
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery
    Center Pickup Service
  • Cash-on-delivery not available


Service Features

Parcels placed in/delivered to mailboxes

Parcels are placed in and delivered to mailboxes.

Flat rates throughout Japan

Flat rates apply for all destinations in Japan. Prices are set depending on certain conditions such as delivery quantity and the items to be shipped.

  • * The maximum cost per parcel is 167 JPY (tax included)

Approximate delivery times

Within 400 km: Two days
Outside of 400 km: Four days (including day of shipment)

  • *Excluding some areas

Applicable Sizes for Kuroneko DM-Bin

A + B + C = 60 cm
  • Linear dimensions of up to 60cm.
  • Longest side up to 34cm
  • Thickness up to 2cm
  • Weight up to 1 kg
  • *For items which are larger than "11.5 cm(W) × 23 cm(L)."
  • *Parcels which cannot fit in a mailbox are taken back by the Sales Driver.
  • *Some items cannot be handled by Yamato Transport.
    For details, please refer to "Items that Cannot be Sent by TA-Q-BIN."

Other Services

How to Send Kuroneko DM-Bin

How to Make a Mailing Label

Issue Using Computer at Workplace

A special mailing label is required for sending Kuroneko DM-Bin.
Also, a delivery completed email is sent to the receiver. Therefore, please create special waybill labels using theOpen in New WindowWaybill Issuing System B2 Cloud (Japanese only)which enables linking with information such as the email address of the receiver.

Special address labels for Kuroneko DM-Bin can be created using laser, inkjet, and thermal printers.

Regarding Shipping

Please affix the mailing label to the outside of the parcel. Parcels can be sent from Yamato Transport Sales Office or picked up and sent by Sales Drivers.

  • *This service is not available at TA-Q-BIN Agencies such as convenience stores.

How to Send

  • Please write the postal code, address and name of the receiver on the outside of the parcel.
  • Please prepare a Kuroneko DM-Bin mailing label and contact a Sales Driver or Sales Office .
  • Parcels can be collected by a Sales Driver or dropped off at one of 4, 000 Yamato Transport Sales Office throughout Japan.
  • *This service is not available at TA-Q-BIN Agencies such as convenience stores.



  • Correspondence(letters, billing invoices, etc.) are not accepted.
  • Items which require insurance is not accepted .
    • *In the case of loss or damage, shipping rates are refunded or free shipping is provided for a replacement item.
    • * No compensation is paid for delayed deliveries.
  • Parcels addressed to post office boxes are not accepted.
  • The date, time or day of the week for delivery cannot be specified .
  • This service is not available at TA-Q-BIN Agencies such as convenience stores.
  • If you want the confirmation of receipt, please use TA-Q-BIN.

Request pickup

Inquiries Online

Please note that inquiries made after 6:00pm may be responded to after 9:00am the following day.

Inquiries by Phone

The hours of operation differs depending on the type of inquiry.

When difficult to connect with the toll-free number

in English03-6834-7503

(9:00am to 6:00pm, 365 days a year)