Message from the President

In April 2021, we launched the One Yamato Structure, bringing together the management resources divided among group companies into Yamato Transport to respond to the needs of customers, communities, and society head-on.

By accelerating management speeds and further refining our management resources with the One Yamato Structure, we aim to become the best partner for the lives and businesses of our customers.

Recently, our lifestyles and business environments have changed dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes on the international scene, and all industries are rapidly transitioning to EC. We are expecting these changes to accelerate further.

Under such circumstances, our goal is to always accurately understand the needs of customers who receive our services, create new value, and to be a company that provides total and sustainable support for the transformation of the supply chain of our selling customers.

To realize this goal, in our medium-term management plan “One Yamato 2023,” we identified nine priority initiatives, including “Optimally allocate management resources based on data analysis”; “Evolve into a business partner that provides total support for the supply chain”; “Create an optimal solution for the EC ecosystem”; and “Strengthen sustainable management.”

By combining the knowledge and networks that we have cultivated over the years with new ideas and technologies, we will create the “Innovating Delivery” that meets future needs and evolve into a sustainable logistics system where business customers, consumers, society, and deliverers can develop together.

In addition, by bringing smiles to the faces of many customers, over the next 100 years, we will contribute to our duty and our important corporate philosophy to realize a prosperous society.

Please look forward to the New Yamato Transport.

April 2022
Yutaka Nagao
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.