Next Day Delivery of Fresh Foods from Japan to Major Cities in Asia

International Cool TA-Q-BIN
bsi TCDS 6602200 PAS1018

This is an international refrigerated shipping service which can be used by business customers to send perishable food products from Japan to other Asian countries.

As this service is different to the regular TA-Q-BIN service in Japan, the import and export regulations of each country apply. This service is available for business customers who ship parcels using Yamato Transport free "Waybill Issuing System B2 Cloud" software.

  • Credit agreement
  • Time range selection not available
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery
    Center Pickup Service not available
  • Cash-on-delivery not available

For customers receiving parcels sent from overseas


Delivery Can be Made to Hong Kong as Fast as the Next Day; Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand in Two Days

Delivery can be made from Japan to other countries from as fast as the next day.
High-quality refrigerated shipping is provided in the country the parcel is shipped from, during air transport, and in the counrty it is delivered to.
Yamato Transport provides support for required shipping procedures.

Delivery to TA-Q-BIN service areas in Asia from as fast as the next day

Next day delivery areas Hong Kong
Two day delivery areas Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand(Bangkok)
  • *Depending on social stability of each country, items what can and cannot be sent is subjected to change without prior notice.
  • *Exclude some areas where delivery is not possible

Two Types Available

Chilled Type

Temperature during shipping Approximate pre-cooling time
0~10℃ At least 6 hours at 10℃ or lower

Frozen Type

Temperature during shipping Approximate pre-cooling time
-15℃ At least 12 hours at -15℃ or lower

Rates and Precautions for International Cool TA-Q-BIN

Rates differ depending on the destination country and parcels size.

Sizes Maximum linear dimensions and weight Rates for International
Additional charges Total
Size 60 Within 60 cm and up to 2 kg 2,050 JPY +4,000 JPY 6,050 JPY
Size 80 Within 80 cm and up to 5 kg 3,450 JPY +8,000 JPY 11,450 JPY
Size 100 Within 100 cm and up to 10 kg 6,450 JPY +12,000 JPY 18,450 JPY
Size 120 Within 120 cm and up to 15 kg 10,950 JPY +16,000 JPY 26,950 JPY
  • *The rates listed above are package rates which include pickup fees, customs fees and delivery fees.
  • *Consumption tax for Japan and the destination country do not apply to the rates listed above.

Customs Tariffs and Other Fees

Customs fees and other fees may be incurred when parcels are imported into their destination country. Customs tariffs and other views are at the discretion of the local customs and related authorities at the delivery location. Any fees which are incurred must be paid by the sender (you) or the receiver.

Notes for Using International Cool TA-Q-BIN

Please cool parcels in advance

This is a refrigerated freight service (a service that maintains temperature). Therefore, it does not have any features to cool or freeze parcels

  • *If your parcel is not cooled in advance, the refrigerator temperature may rise which may affect other customers' parcels. Therefore, we cannot accept parcels that have not been cooled in advance.

Parcel size

Like Cool TA-Q-BIN, parcels which are Size 60 to Size 120 can be accepted.

  • *The maximum linear dimensions is 120cm and the maximum weight is 15kg.

How to Send International Cool TA-Q-BIN

How to Create Waybills

Please use "Waybill Issuing Software B2" and "Waybill Issuing System B2 Cloud" to create waybills.

International Cool TA-Q-BIN is available for business customers who ship parcels using Yamato Transport free "Waybill Issuing System B2" or "Waybill Issuing System B2 Cloud" software.
To send parcels, please make preparations, such as contacting Yamato Transport, in advance.

An invoice is required to send parcels.

An invoice is a certificate of parcel contents which is prepared by the sender when shipping parcels overseas.
Please prepare 3 copies each time when shipping a parcel.

The information written on the invoice and the actual contents must match. If a discrepancy is discovered via X-ray inspection or any other method, the invoice will be treated as a false declaration and parcels may be returned.
Invoices are also required for customs declarations. Therefore, please make sure to write the FOB (free on board) price on the invoice.
Please note that the sender may be contacted if no FOB price is listed.
(Prices in other currencies may also be listed together.)

For customers who want to create a separate invoice

Invoice forms can be downloaded below.

How to Pack and Send

Precautions regarding packing

International TA-Q-BIN is an air freight service. Appropriate packaging is required to ensure your parcel does not get damaged.
If the packing materials used are extremely weak (e.g. plastic bags or soft envelope material), parcels may be returned based on the International Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions (Article 8-5).


  • Depending on factors such as parcel condition, customs status and weather, delivery may be delayed or be impossible.
  • Please note that the delivery time may change depending on customs inspections, etc.
  • Export and import customs are not performed on Saturdays, Sundays or local holidays.
  • International TA-Q-BIN is insured up to 200,000 JPY per waybill. However, when the product price is not listed on the waybill, insurance will be limited to 22 SDR per kg.
  • International Cool TA-Q-BIN does not provide constant temperatures throughout the entire shipping process.
  • Please note that parcels will be temporarily exposed to outside air during loading, sorting, collection, delivery, etc.
  • Products which require temperatures lower than the temperature range for the Frozen Type may not be accepted.
  • For other matters, please check the "International Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions"


Sending Parcels from Japan to Overseas (Export)

Business Hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Receiving Parcels from Overseas in Japan (Import)

Business Hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00

Weekends and Holidays 9:00 to 17:00

  • * Depending on the time, we may need to call you back.