How to Receive a Parcel

Receive at Home or at the Office

When a home or office address is specified as the destination, the parcel will be delivered to that specified location.

  • Step 1

    A Sales Driver will come to your home or office.

    A Sales Driver will introduce themself as "Yamato Transport" and his name.

  • Step 2

    Please receive the parcel.

    Yamato Transport Sales Drivers will not enter your home or office. Please receive the parcel at the front door or entrance. For cash on delivery parcels, please pay at this time.

  • Step 3

    Please sign to indicate receipt of the parcel.

    Please sign or affix a seal to indicate receipt of the parcel. Please sign in the specified location.

  • *For parcels shipped using Kuroneko DM-Bin and Nekpos, delivery is completed when the parcel is placed in the mailbox. The Sales Driver will not come to the front door or entrance.
How to receive parcels from delivery lockers located at home

When requesting redelivery, a delivery locker can be specified as the delivery location.
Please use the inquiry form for redelivery requests and write "Please deliver to delivery locker" in the "Notes" section.

  • *Depending on the delivery locker, the type of parcel (Cool TA-Q-BIN, TA-Q-BIN Collect, cash on delivery, food products, valuables, etc.) and the size of the parcel, parcels may be delivered directly to your home instead of being placed in the delivery locker.

Redelivery Time Zones and Request Deadlines

* This table can be scrolled.
Redelivery time zone Before Noon 14:00 - 16:00 16:00 - 18:00 18:00 - 20:00 19:00 - 21:00
Request deadline 7:00 on the same day 12:40 on the same day 12:40 on the same day 17:40 on the same day 17:40 on the same day
  • *When using TA-Q-BIN Time Service, parcels can be received until 10:00am.
  • *For redelivery requests by calling customer serivce, business hours is 9:00-18:00 (365 days a year).
Receive at a Yamato Transport Sales Office

When specifying "Pickup at Sales Office" for the receipt method, the parcel will be held at the specified Sales Office. Please receive your parcel at the Sales Office.

  • Step 1

    Please check the parcel status.

    Please use the parcel tracking system to check the shipping status. lf the status is "Waiting for pickup by customer (parcel in storage), " the parcel can be received.

  • Step 2

    Please go to the specified Yamato Transport Sales Office.

    The intended recipient should bring items listed below to the Sales Office.

  • Step 3

    Please receive the parcel.

    Please hand over a document which has the tracking number written on it to Sales Office staff and tell them that you have come to receive a parcel held in storage. Sales Office staff will then hand over the parcel to you.

Items to Bring to the Yamato Transport Sales Office

For intended recipients

Identity document (residence card, driver's license, health insurance card, student ID card, passport, employee ID card, credit card, ATM card, etc.)

For agents

For family members:
Identity document of the person going to receive the parcel

For friends, etc.:
Identity document of the intended recipient (copies are accepted)


  • The times and days on which parcels can be received differ by Sales Office. For more informations, please check the web page of the desired Sales Office.
  • If the intended recipient does not come to receive the package within 1 week of arrival, the parcel may be returned to the sender.
  • As a general rule, all parcels addressed to the recipient which have arrived at the Sales Office must be received.

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