How to Track Parcels

How to Check the Shipping Status

How to check the shipping status

Use "Parcel Tracking System" to confirm the current shipping status of parcels.
To check the shipping status, simply enter the tracking number.
Customers can check the current status and the detailed shipping history.

Regarding Tracking Numbers

For Senders

The tracking number is the 12-digit number shown on the top-right of the waybill.

For senders Tracking number

For Recipients

Please contact the sender to verify the tracking number.
The waybill number on the Attempted Delivery Notice can be used.

For recipients Tracking number

Status Explanations

Status Explanation
Departure Scan The Yamato Transport Sales Driver has picked up the parcel from the sender. The parcel is currently either at a Yamato Transport Sales Office or has been shipped out to the destination.
Request Accepted (alternate delivery schedule arrangement) A request to reschedule delivery has been accepted. The parcel will be delivered on the date and time zone requested.
Request Accepted (pick up at Yamato's location) A request to change Yamato Transport Sales Office as the pickup location has been accepted.
The parcel will be delivered to the specified Sales Office as requested.
In Transit The parcel being shipped has passed through a Sales Office serving as the relay point.
This is not the Sales Office responsible for delivery.
Arrival Scan The parcel being shipped has arrived at the Sales Office for delivery.
Out for Delivery The parcel is being delivered to its destination.
Delivered For shipping in Japan
Delivery has been completed.
For shipping overseas (International TA-Q-BIN)
Delivery to the freight forwarder (the company who will deliver the parcel to the destination country) in Japan has been completed.
To check the shipping status after the parcel has left Japan, please contact the shipping company in charge of delivery in the destination country.
Hold at Yamato (pickup at Yamato's office) The parcel is being held at the specified Yamato Transport Sales Office.
Please go and pickup the parcel.
Hold at Yamato (Consignee Not Available) The parcel was returned to the Sales Office because the intended recipient was absent. The parcel is being held at the nearest Sales Office. Please request redelivery using the contact form or telephone.
Under Investigation (Address Unknown) The parcel cannot be delivered due to the wrong address of the recipient. For more information, please contact Yamato Transport by contact form or telephone.
Returned Due to the sender's request, holding period exceeded or other reasons, the parcel has been returned back to the sender.
Incorrect Tracking Number The tracking number is incorrect.
Please check the tracking number and try again.
Tracking Number Not Registered The shipping status cannot be checked as the tracking number has not been registered.
Please check and try again later.

If the problem has not been resolved, please contact Yamato Transport by contact form or telephone.


  1. 1Please do not use this service for purposes other than tracking parcels.
  2. 2Please note that, unlike TA-Q-BIN, time is required to update information for Kuroneko DM-Bin deliveries.
  3. 3Please note that time is required to update information following a request to change the date, time or location for delivery.
  4. 4Parcels can be tracked for approximately 90 days from the day the parcel was shipped.
  5. 5The "Scheduled Delivery Date and Time" is the delivery date and time requested when the parcel was shipped.
  6. 6The "Desired Delivery Date and Time " is the desired delivery date and time after Yamato Transport has received a change request during the shipping of the parcel. This shows the latest information.
  7. 7Please note that delivery on the desired date and time zone may not be possible due to traffic conditions.
  8. 8The date and time for shipping activities overseas are displayed with the local date and time.