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International TA-Q-BIN

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Steps to Using International TA-Q-BIN

  1. Check the deliverable items by International TA-Q-BIN.
  2. Check rates/delivery schedule/undeliverable items/important notes with our "Country Guide".
    1. (1)New windowCountry Guide (Japanese only)
  3. Create shipping documents and pack your parcel.
  4. Arrange pickup
    1. (1)New windowSearch for the nearest sales office  (Japanese only) or  New windowArrange for pickup by Internet (inquiries form)

How to Send Parcels

Dropping Off a Parcel at Our Sales Offices

You can send your parcel from the most convenient and nearest sales office to your location. You can use all Yamato services with an exception to a few. We offer a 100 JPY discount per parcel when you drop off your parcel in person.

Pickup Service

You can arrange for our pickup service by using the Internet or with a simple phone call. Based on your request, a Sales driver in Charge will pick up your parcel from the location of your choice. Please feel free to use our pickup service.

Countries Where We do not Accept Requests from Personal Customers

Please understand in advance parcels except paper documents are not accepted in the following countries if either the sender or the recipient is an individual customer.

Argentina, Qatar, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China, Paraguay, Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal, Mexico, Mongolia

International TA-Q-BIN Size Table

Size Parcel Size Weight
Document Pack Within B4 size
Up to 1 kg
Size 60 Within 60 cm Up to 2 kg
Size 80 Within 80 cm Up to 5 kg
Size 100 Within 100 cm Up to 10 kg
Size 120 Within 120 cm Up to 15 kg
Size 140 Within 140 cm Up to 20 kg
Size 160 Within 160 cm Up to 25 kg

Size and Weight Standards: 1 inch=2.5 cm, 1 feet=30 cm, 1 pound=0.45 kg

Document Pack

  • *Document packs must contain documents only. If items other than paper documents such as floppy discs and CD-ROMs are included, the parcel will not be treated as containing documents and an invoice will be necessary.
  • *"Document Pack" 1 kg standard
    • A4 size documents- Approximately 250 sheets (approximately 2.5 cm)
    • B4 size documents- Approximately 150 sheets (approximately 1.5 cm)

How to Measure Parcel Size

Image: How to Measure Parcel Size

Image: How to Measure Parcel Size A+B+C=Size of Parcel

[Important Notes]

  • Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width, and height.
  • When either the parcel size or weight exceeds a size bracket, the size bracket corresponding to the larger parcel size or weight shall apply.
  • For parcels exceeding the size 160 bracket or valued over 200,000 JPY, please use UPS Worldwide Express Saver (For contract customers only).

[Important Notes on Packaging]

International TA-Q-BIN is air cargo. Therefore, parcels must be properly packaged for safe shipping.
If the strength of the exterior packaging of your parcel is not adequate such as when vinyl bags or brown envelopes are used, we may return your parcel based on the International TA-Q-BIN Terms and Conditions (Article 8 Paragraph 5).

Documentation required for shipping

Shipping Label (Shipping Label with Invoice)

Please complete the shipping label and invoice in English.

  • Shipping Label

    Image: International TA-Q-BIN Shipping Label

  • Shipping Label with Invoice

    Image: International TA-Q-BIN Shipping Label with Invoice


The invoice is a document where the sender declares the contents and is prepared by the sender when sending a parcel (excluding parcels containing documents only that do not require invoices) overseas. 5 copies of the invoice are necessary.

>>Example of How to Fill out an Invoice ( PDF downloadinvoice_example.pdf (PDF: 444KB) )

>>Invoice Template ( New windowinvoice_form.xlsx (Excel: 74KB) | PDF downloadinvoice_form.pdf (PDF: 68KB) )

Using Our Invoice Template

  • *In case of the Excel file, you can make direct entries. However, Microsoft®Excel is required.
  • *In case of the PDF file, you need New windowAdobe® Reader® (free software).
  • *Please note in advance if necessary documents are not attached to the parcel, import procedures in the destination region/country of your parcel will not be completed. As a result, your parcel may be detained, you may be billed for return of your parcel, or your parcel may be disposed of.

Notes for Using Our Services

  • Each country has prohibited articles in addition to commonly prohibited articles. Please be sure to check ourNew windowCountry Guide (Japanese only)
  • Maximum size is when the combined total of the length, width, and height is within 160 cm, and the maximum weight is up to 25 kg.
  • The total maximum liability for International TA-Q-BIN is 200,000 JPY. However, if the value of the article is not clarified in the shipping label, the total maximum liability is 19 SDRs per kg.
  • We do not accept parcels for delivery to post-office boxes, guests at hotels or lodges, schools and boarding houses.
  • Due to the condition of the parcel, customs circumstances, and weather, etc., delivery of your parcel may be delayed or your parcel may not be delivered.
  • Due to the circumstances in each country, undeliverable items and items that can be sent as documents are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to revise the items that we accept.
  • For damaged or lost parcels, we will directly compensate and negotiate with the sender at all times.
  • Parcels are for the most part not delivered on weekends and local national holidays in the destination country/region of your parcel.
  • Export and import customs clearance is not conducted on weekends and local national holidays.
  • International TA-Q-BIN is delivered by Yamato Group overseas affiliates that have the TA-Q-BIN brand ("宅急便" or "TA-Q-BIN") while International TA-Q-BIN is delivered by cooperating companies in other areas.
  • Other matters are in accordance with PDF downloadInternational Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions. (PDF: 68KB)

International TA-Q-BIN cannot be used to send personal belongings (items sent separately) overseas for studying abroad, overseas transfers, and trips. Even if you send your belongings (items sent separately) overseas by International TA-Q-BIN, they are not exempt from taxes. Please understand in advance that additional costs such as tariffs may occur depending on the country and contents. If you would like to send your belongings (items sent separately), please use Ku・ro・ne・ko International Moving.