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Tempareture Management Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service


Freshness and taste are properly maintained during delivery with our two types of temperature control systems (frozen/refrigerated). You can use our pickup service as well.

Features of Cool TA-Q-BIN

  • The two temperature control systems ensure freshness and taste are properly maintained. The refrigerated service sets the temperature at 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) or less while the frozen service sets the temperature at -15 degrees C (5 degrees F) or less.

    Image: Frozen Service StickerImage: Refrigerated Service Sticker

    • *Since appropriate materials and packaging may be necessary depending on the contents of your parcel, please consult with us.
    • *We also have waterproof cool boxes for worry-free delivery available. (Sold separately.)
  • Even when the recipient is not at home, your parcel will be kept in our cold storage freezer at our TA-Q-BIN sales office for 3 days maximum including the first delivery attempt date.
  • "Specified Date Delivery Service", "Time Zone Delivery Service", and "Cash on Delivery Service" are available.
  • When sending your parcel, please be sure to pre-cool the contents.

Size and Rates

Size Parcel Size Weight Additional Fee
Size 60 Within 60 cm Up to 2 kg +216 JPY
Size 80 Within 80 cm Up to 5 kg +216 JPY
Size 100 Within 100 cm Up to 10 kg +324 JPY
Size 120 Within 120 cm Up to 15 kg +648 JPY
Size 140 Size 140 or larger is not accepted.
(Parcels exceeding 120 cm or 15 kg)
Size 160

Size and Weight Standards: 1 inch=2.5 cm, 1 feet=30 cm, 1 pound=0.45 kg

How to Measure Parcel Size

Image: How to Measure Parcel Size

Image: How to Measure Parcel Size A+B+C=Size of Parcel

[Important Notes]

  • Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width and height.
  • When either the parcel size or weight exceeds a size bracket, the size bracket corresponding to the larger parcel size or weight shall apply.

Rates and Tracking Service

Services that can be used in combination with one another

The following services with a white background, can be used together.

Specified Date Delivery Time Zone Delivery Cash on Delivery Service
Multiple-parcel reduction System Cool TA-Q-BIN Express TA-Q-BIN
TA-Q-BIN Time Service Golf/Ski TA-Q-BIN Airport TA-Q-BIN
Round Trip TA-Q-BIN TA-Q-BIN Collect PC TA-Q-BIN

Service locations

Pickup from your location
Yamato Sales Offices
General TA-Q-BIN Agencies
Convenience Stores

Notes for Using Our Services

  • When sending your parcel, please be sure to pre-cool the contents.(*1)
  •   Please "Pre-cool" items as follows:
      Refrigerated service → At least 6 hours at 10 degrees C or less
      Frozen service → At least 12 hours at -15 degrees C or less
  • Your parcel may be exposed to external air, etc., for a short time during loading onto trucks, sorting, delivery by carts, and temperature changes may result.
  • We may not be able to deliver products that need temperature control lower than the range supported by frozen service.(*2)
  • You can specify delivery date up to 3 days after shipping date for next-day delivery areas, and up to 4 days after shipping date for two-day delivery areas. Please specify delivery date according to a request from the receiver.(*3)
  • We do not accept size 140/size 160.(*4)
  • This service is not available in the Izu Islands (excluding Oshima/Hachijo Island) and Ogasawara village (Ogasawara Islands).

<<The case where we cannot accept your package>>
(*1) [In case your product is not pre-cooled]
We do not offer functions to frozen “unfrozen product”, or refrigerate heated or room-temperature product. If you send these types of products “as it is”, cooling temperature may rise, which may affect other customer’s products.
(*2) [For products that need temperature control lower than the range supported by frozen service (like ice cream)]
Since ice cream needs temperature control lower than the range supported by frozen service, please put plenty of dry ice in foam polystyrene case when you pack. <Amount of dry ice needed is approximately 2kg for 60 size (equivalent to 5L) foam polystyrene case.>
(*3) [A product which ‘Cool TA-Q-BIN Specified Date Delivery Service’ is unavailable]
Delivery date cannot be specified when you send ice cream.
(*4) [In case the size exceeds our limitation]
Cool TA-Q-BIN service specifies size limitation in order to avoid quality deterioration during transportation. If your package exceeds either size (length + width + height) 120cm or weight 15kg, then we apply whichever that exceeds, so we cannot accept to deliver your package.