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Sending Luggage from/to Hotels

For Tourists

Sending Luggage from/to Hotels

  • You can send your suitcases and parcels from/to hotels. Please check with your hotel whether or not you can use Yamato’s TA-Q-BIN service.
  • TA-Q-BIN delivers on the next day to anywhere in the country (excluding certain regions).
  • Image: 365days a year
  • Image: Next Day Delivery
  • Image: Reservations not necessary

Deliverable Parcels, Size and Weight

Only properly packed parcels can be delivered.
Please use special covers to send golf bags/skis/travel bags.

Image: How to Measure Parcel Size

Maximum size is when the combined total of the length, width, and height (A+B+C) is 160 cm.
The maximum weight is 25 kg.

Size and Weight Standards:

  • 1 inch = 2.5 cm
  • 1 feet = 30 cm
  • 1 pound = 0.45 kg

Sending Luggage from Hotels

Sending Luggage from Hotels

Hotels can send your luggage and parcels.
To send your luggage and parcels from your hotel, please contact a member of your hotel's staff.

Sending Luggage to Hotels

Receive Luggage at Hotels

You can receive luggage/parcels at your hotel. Please ask your hotel whether or not the hotel can receive luggage/parcels on your behalf.

If you would like to receive luggage/parcels at your hotel, please write your name (guest name) and check-in date in the 品名 (Contents) space on our shipping label.

Image: Shipping Label

To pick up your parcel at your hotel, please contact the front desk or bell desk.

Dropping Off a Parcel at Our Sales Offices

You can send your parcel from one of our sales offices.
We offer a 100 JPY discount per parcel when you drop off your parcel in person.

TA-Q-BIN Agency/Convenience Store

You can send your parcel from the nearest TA-Q-BIN Agency and convenience store to your location.
We offer a 100 JPY discount per parcel when you drop off your parcel in person.
Available services are regular TA-Q-BIN, Golf TA-Q-BIN, Ski TA-Q-BIN, Airport TA-Q-BIN, Round Trip TA-Q-BIN and Multiple-parcel reduction System. (Some services are not offered in some agencies and convenience stores.)

Pickup Service

A Sales Driver in Charge will pick up your parcel from the location of your choice.

  • Pickup can be arranged by Internet
  • Pickup can be arranged by phone

Image: InternetImage: Phone

Payment Method

Please see the following link for payment methods.