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Re-delivery: Arrange Re-delivery with the Auto Re-delivery Acceptance Dial Service (24 hours a day)


Please call at the following toll free number and follow the instructions to enter your desired delivery date and time.

0120-17-9625(24 hours)

If you cannot use toll-free number, please call at 03-6757-1061.

Please call the number above and push "1" for re-delivery.

Steps for Re-delivery Arrangement

  • * Please have your "Attempted Delivery Notice" ready in order to arrange re-delivery.
    Follow the voice instructions and push the appropriate buttons on the phone.
  1. (1)Enter your tracking number
  2. (2)If you would like re-delivery, push "1"
    If you would like to receive your parcel at one of our TA-Q-BIN centres, push "3"
  3. (3)If you would like re-delivery on the same day, push "3"
    If you would like your parcel to be delivered on the following day or later, enter the date in 4 digits (ex: April 1 → 0401)
  4. (4)Please select the desired time zone of your re-delivery from the table below and enter the number (0 to 5).
    • No time zone → (0)
    • Before Noon → (1)
    • 14:00-16:00 → (2)
    • 16:00-18:00 → (3)
    • 18:00-20:00 → (4)
    • 19:00-21:00 → (5)
  5. (5)Enter your phone number
    Your re-delivery has now been arranged. The Sales Driver in Charge will redeliver your parcel.

Steps for Re-delivery Arrangement

Selectable Re-delivery Time Zones and Deadlines for Re-delivery Arrangement

  Selectable time zones Deadlines for re-delivery arrangement
(1) Before Noon (8:00-12:00) By 7:00 on the same day
(2) 14:00-16:00 By 13:40 on the same day
(3) 16:00-18:00 By 15:40 on the same day
(4) 18:00-20:00 By 17:40 on the same day
(5) 19:00-21:00 By 18:40 on the same day

Important Notes

  1. (1)Due to natural disasters, traffic circumstances, etc., we may not be able to deliver your parcel on the specified date and time.
  2. (2)If you would like to cancel your "re-delivery arrangements", please contact us.
  3. (3)Your parcel can be re-delivered in the case we end up storing it because you were not available to receive it. If you cannot arrange re-delivery using our auto re-delivery acceptance dial service, please contact us.