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Re-delivery: Reading the Attempted Delivery Notice

Reading the Attempted Delivery Notice

Reading the form

If you are not available when we deliver your parcel, we will post an Attempted Delivery Notice in your mail box. We will re-deliver your parcel free of charge.

Image: Attempted Delivery Notice (Front)Image: Attempted Delivery Notice (Back)

  1. Receiver's name
  2. The reason of absence (delivered in a takuhai box)
  3. Note
  4. Sender's name
  5. Type of parcel (TA-Q-BIN, Cool TA-Q-BIN [Refrigerated/Frozen], Cash on Delivery, Collect [Payment on delivery], credit card, etc.)
  6. Contents of parcel (Perishables, food, clothes, documents, others.)
  7. TA-Q-BIN Convenience store Take-back Service (Possible: Parcel is about 2 kg, Possible: Parcel weights about 2-5 kg, Possible: Parcel weights 5-10 kg, Not possible)*
  8. Attempted delivery date
  9. Attempted delivery time
  10. Tracking number (For inquiring about and tracking delivery of your parcel)
  11. Sales Driver’s mobile phone number
  12. Customer service center
  • *You need to register as a New windowKuroneko Member (Japanese only) to receive parcels at convenience stores.
  • *Please contact us to receive your parcel at one of our sales offices.

Arrange re-delivery

You can arrange for re-delivery of your parcel by using the Internet or with a simple phone call.