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About Cool TA-Q-BIN

QWhen I send my parcel by Cool TA-Q-BIN, what should I prepare in advance?


Please make sure to cool the item until it is sent.

Guide for pre-cool time

  • chilled type: more than 6 hours below 10℃
  • Frozen type: more than 12 hours below -15℃

QWhere can I request sending parcels via Cool TA-Q-BIN?


Cool TA-Q-BIN can be sent through parcel pickup by our sales driver or from a Yamato Transport sales office.

  • *Please take note that TA-Q-BIN agencies including convenience stores do not accept delivery of Cool TA-Q-BIN, because they do not have cold storage facilities.

You can also request the pickup by telephone and on your PC and smartphone.

QDo the rates of Cool TA-Q-BIN differ from those of TA-Q-BIN?


Yes. In addition to TA-Q-BIN rate, an extra charge will be applied.

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