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To Our Customers:

March 12, 2012

Announcement regarding Launch of the multilingual website

Yamato Transport Co., LTD. (HQ: Chuo-ku Tokyo, CEO: Masaki Yamauchi), a subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd., would like to announce the launch of a multilingual website including both English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters) on March 12, 2012, for customers who came from outside country and live in Japan, and for customers traveling to and from Japan for the purposes of business or sightseeing.

  1. 1.Language:
    • English Website
    • The current website will be renewed, providing more corporate and service information, to match the content of our Japanese website.

    • Chinese (simplified character) / Chinese (traditional character)
    • New website with nearly identical contents as the English website

  2. 2. Launch Date:

    March 12, 2012

  3. 3. Website URL:
    • *The URL for the English website has changed. Please refer to the above URL.
    Chinese (simplified character)
    Chinese (traditional character)
  4. 4. New contents included in the multilingual website:
    • The website contains “Global Navigation” which has various web pages such as web pages for individual and/or corporate customers to enable a search for our services by product names, a “Sending” page that enables searching for our services by purposes of the customer or by kind of parcel and a “Receiving” page that informs the customer ways to receive parcels as per customer's request.
    • Some web pages are only in the multilingual website. For example, “What is TA-Q-BIN?” web page for customers who will use TA-Q-BIN for the first time, and web pages which explain the ways to send parcels to and from the airport, from a hotel to a hotel. These pages are for providing information of services to meet the demand of foreign customers.