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To Our Customers:

December 27, 2010

Announcement regarding International TA-Q-BIN for China

Thank you for using International TA-Q-BIN.
For all parcels destined for China other than documentation, an amendment to regulations made by the People’s Republic of China General Administration of Customs (GAC) now requires the following information to be entered on customs forms.

  1. 1.Notes
    1. (1)CR Code: Customs Registration Code (10-digit number)
      • *A CR code is required for all importers and exporters in China. Please contact the delivery destination in advance to confirm the CR code.
    2. (2)HS Code: Harmonized System Code
      • *Please contact the delivery destination in advance to confirm the HS code, or confirm the code on the China Customs’ homepage (Chinese only).

      Reference URL: (China Customs’ Product Classification Information Search System)

      New window

      • Please enter items (1) and (2) listed above on the invoice.
      • If confirmation of both codes is not possible, the receiver of the parcel will be contacted for confirmation, thus greatly delaying clearance of China import customs.
      • *Handling is not possible for parcels other than documents sent and received by private individuals.
  2. 2.Start Date

    From parcels picked up on December 27, 2010.

    • *Inquiries regarding this announcement should be directed to the International TA-Q-BIN service center (toll free: 0120-5931-69 Japanese only).