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International TA-Q-BIN

Q01. What is an invoice?

  • A1.An invoice is a detailed description of the freight. Invoices are created by the sender when shipping parcels overseas. Customers are responsible for preparing 5 invoices for International TA-Q-BIN. Invoices are important documents which are used when clearing import/export customs. Therefore, be sure to make the correct declarations on invoices.

Q02. Why can’t the shipping label and the invoice be written in the local language of the destination?

  • A2.Before delivery to the destination country, items exported from Japan may pass through other countries. When using local languages, agencies in this intermediate countries may not understand the final destination. Therefore, English is used as a common language and documents should be written in the English alphabet.

Q03. What are customs tariffs (various costs such as tariffs)?

  • A3.Customs tariffs are taxes paid in the destination country. Since customs tariffs are taxes levied to protect the industry of that particular country, tax rates and items subject to tax differ according to the country. In addition to customs tariffs, associated taxes such as excise tax and added-value tax are sometimes charged.  All such taxes are grouped together in the term “various costs such as tariffs.”

Q04. What are prohibited articles?

  • A4.Prohibited articles are goods which cannot be sent. Within the International TA-Q-BIN service, such goods are referred to as “prohibited articles” or “undeliverable items.” Click here for a list of prohibited items for all countries. Also, other items may be prohibited depending on the destination country. For details, refer to theNew windowCountry Guide (Japanese only).

Q05. What are “unaccompanied goods?”

  • A5.Unaccompanied goods are personal items which are shipped separately instead of being carried by a traveler, overseas student or employee stationed overseas. This term is limited to items sent to oneself. Unaccompanied goods are tax-exempt when the total declaration value (including items directly carried on the person) is 200 thousand JPY or less. However, tax is applied to general goods (parcels for which the sender and receiver are different people) handled by International TA-Q-BIN. Please note that International TA-Q-BIN cannot be used to send unaccompanied goods.

Q06. Can parcels be insured?

  • A6.Insurance cannot be applied to individual parcels when using International TA-Q-BIN. Contracted customers should use UPS Worldwide Express Saver when they wish to apply additional insurance to items, or when the item being shipped exceeds the maximum insured limit of 200 thousand JPY for International TA-Q-BIN.

Q07. Is there compensation in the unlikely event that parcels are lost or damaged?

  • A7.In the unlikely event of lost or damaged parcels, a maximum compensation of 200 thousand JPY is available for each shipping label. However, in the case of shipping labels where the item price is not clearly written, compensation shall be 19SDR per kg. (SDR (Special Drawing Rights) is a type of currency issued by the International Monetary Foundation (IMF). As of August 25, 2006, 1SDR is equals approximately 174 JPY.)

Q08. Is it possible to use cash on delivery for shipping costs?

  • A8.Shipping costs for International TA-Q-BIN can only be paid at the time of shipping. We recommend UPS Worldwide Express Saver for contracted customers who wish to specify cash on delivery.

Q09. How are Chinese regions spelled in English? [Reference chart for regional names in Chinese characters and English]

  • A9.Please refer to the following [Reference chart for regional names in Chinese characters and English].
Regional Name (Chinese characters) Province/Area Name (Chinese Characters) Regional Name (English) Province/Area Name (English)
北部 (Northern Area)
鄭州 河南 Zhengzhou (Henan)
洛陽 河南 Luoyang (Henan)
承徳 河北 Chengde (Hebei)
秦皇島 河北 Qinhuangdao (Hebei)
石家荘 河北 Shijiazhuang (Hebei)
滄州 河北 Cangzhou (Hebei)
唐山 河北 Tangshan (Hebei)
保定 河北 Baoding (Hebei)
蘭州 甘粛 Lanzhou (Gansu)
延吉 吉林 Yanji (Jilin)
吉林 吉林 Jilin (Jilin)
長春 吉林 Changchun (Jilin)
大慶 黒竜江 Daqing (Heilongjiang)
哈爾浜 黒龍江 Harbin (Heilongjiang)
太原 山西 Taiyuan (Shanxi)
大同 山西 Datong (Shanxi)
斉寧 山東 Jining (Shandong)
三維坊 山東 Weifang (Shandong)
威海 山東 Weihai (Shandong)
煙台 山東 Yantai (Shandong)
済南 山東 Jinan (Shandong)
日照 山東 Rizhao (Shandong)
泰安 山東 Taian (Shandong)
青島 山東 Qingdao (Shandong)
東営 山東 Dongying (Shandong)
徳州 山東 Dezhou (Shandong)
烏魯木斉 新疆 Urumqi (Xinjiang)
西寧 青海 Xining (Qinghai)
天津 天津市 Tianjin (Municipal)
包頭 内蒙古 Baotou (Innermongolia)
呼和浩特 内蒙古 Hohhot (Innermongolia)
銀川 寧夏 Yinchuan (Ningxia)
北京 北京市 Beijing (Municipal)
営口 遼寧 Yingkou (Liaoning)
錦州 遼寧 Jinzhou (Liaoning)
瀋陽 遼寧 Shenyang (Liaoning)
大連 遼寧 Dalian (Liaoning)
丹東 遼寧 Dandong (Liaoning)
中部(Central Area)
海門 江蘇 Haimen (Jiangsu)
安慶 安徽 Anqing (Anhui)
合肥 安徽 Hefei (Anhui)
銅陵 安徽 Tongling (Anhui)
濮陽 河南 Puyang (Anhui)
九江 江西 Jiujiang (Jiangxi)
景徳鎮 江西 Jingdezhen (Jiangxi)
南昌 江西 Nanchang (Jiangxi)
塩城 江蘇 Yancheng (Jiangsu)
昆山 江蘇 Kunshan (Jiangsu)
常州 江蘇 Changzhou (Jiangsu)
常熟 江蘇 Changshu (Jiangsu)
徐州 江蘇 Xuzhou (Jiangsu)
蘇州 江蘇 Suzhou (Jiangsu)
泰州 江蘇 Taizhou (Jiangsu)
太倉 江蘇 Taicang (Jiangsu)
張家港 江蘇 Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu)
鎮江 江蘇 Zhenjiang (Jiangsu)
南京 江蘇 Nanjing (Jiangsu)
南通 江蘇 Nantong (Jiangsu)
無錫 江蘇 Wuxi (Jiangsu)
揚州 江蘇 Yangzhou (Jiangsu)
連雲港 江蘇 Lianyungang (Jiangsu)
准陰 江蘇 Huaiyin (Jiangsu)
上海 上海市 Shanghai (Municipal)
温州 浙江 Wenzhou (Zhejiang)
嘉興 浙江 Jiaxing (Zhejiang)
杭州 浙江 Hangzhou (Zhejiang)
紹興 浙江 Shaoxing (Zhejiang)
寧波 浙江 Ningbo (Zhejiang)
南部(Southern Area)
厦門 福建 Xiamen (Fujian)
東山 福建 Dongshan (Fujian)
海口 海南 Haikou (Hainan)
貴陽 貴州 Guiyang (Guizhou)
恵州 広東 Huizhou (Guangdong)
桂林 広西 Guilin (Guangxi)
広州 広東 Guangzhou (Guangdong)
江門 広東 Jiangmen (Guangdong)
悟州 広西 Wuzhou (Guangxi)
昆明 雲南 Kunming (Yunnan)
三亜 海南 Sanya (Hainan)
十堰 湖北 Shiyan (Hubei)
重慶 重慶市 Chongqing (Municipal)
珠海 広東 Zhuhai (Guangdong)
順徳 広東 Shunde (Guangdong)
韶関 広東 Shaoguan (Guangdong)
汕頭 広東 Shantou (Guangdong)
成都 四川 Chengdu (Sichuan)
泉州 福建 Quanzhou (Fujian)
湛江 広東 Zhanjiang (Guangdong)
中山 広東 Zhongshan (Guangdong)
肇慶 広東 Zhaoqing (Guangdong)
長沙 湖南 Changsha (Hunan)
東莞 広東 Dongguan (Guangdong)
徳陽 四川 Deyang (Sichuan)
南海 広東 Nanhai (Guangdong)
南寧 広西 Nanning (Guangxi)
南平 福建 Nanping (Fujian)
梅州 広東 Meizhou (Guangdong)
武漢 湖北 Wuhan (Hubei)
福州 福建 Fuzhou (Fujian)
仏山 広東 Foshan (Guangdong)
北海 広西 Beihai (Guangxi)
茂名 広東 Maoming (Guangdong)
陽江 広東 Yangjiang (Guangdong)
楽山 四川 Leshan (Sichuan)
柳州 広西 Liuzhou (Guangxi)
保山 雲南 Baoshan (Yunnan)

Q10. Can miso and soy sauce be sent?

  • A10.Such products are processed soybeans and can therefore be sent as long as there are no special restrictions in the destination country.

Q11. Can pickled foods (takuan pickles, preserved plums) be sent?

  • A11.It is possible to send pickled items with a lifespan of 1 month or longer at room temperature.

Q12. What items are included in the category of marine products/seafood?

  • A12.Kelp, dried bonito shavings, soup powder/cubes, dried seaweed, boiled/canned seafood, seafood noodles, etc.

Q13. Can food products be sent to America using International TA-Q-BIN?

  • A13.International TA-Q-BIN cannot be used to send food products destined for America. Also, the service cannot be used for food products which are shipped through America for destinations in Central America, South America or Canada.
  • Notes were added (November 16, 2010)

Q14. Can media such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs and DVDs be sent in document-sized packs?
Also, what cautions should be taken when sending media such as CD-ROMs and DVDs?

  • A14.Document-sized packs are only for sending paper document. Floppy disks and CD-ROMs are treated as non-documentation. When sending such media, size 60 applies for parcels of within 2 kg, and parcels can be shipped by attaching an invoice.
    When shipping media such as CD-ROMs or DVDs, be surely to clearly indicate the type of media on the invoice.
    [Example: CD-ROM (MUSIC), DVD (MEDIA)]

Q15. Is it possible to send notebook computers and mobile phones?

  • A15.According to handling regulations enacted from January 2009 for international air freight, stricter restrictions are now enforced when making overseas shipments of notebook computers and mobile phones which contain lithium batteries. Such restrictions were enacted to ensure safe transportation of air freight. For the time being, International TA-Q-BIN cannot be used to send such items. This restriction applies even if the lithium battery is removed from the device.

Q16. What cautions should be taken when sending items for returns or repair?

  • A16.When returning goods to overseas, it is not possible to perform procedures for reduction or exemption of taxes when customs tariffs are applied at the importing country. Furthermore, when shipping goods which require repairs overseas, it is not possible to reduce or exempt taxes when re-importing the same goods back into Japan after repair.

Q17. Which companies handle your deliveries outside Japan?

  • A17.Local affiliates of Kuroneko Yamato handle deliveries in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia (limited area), and Shanghai. In other countries, delivery is handled by companies contracted by Kuroneko Yamato.

Q18. When I return to my home country, can I send my personal belongings?

  • A18.With International TA-Q-BIN, duty is payable on your baggage (goods) for easy customs clearance. For duty-free shipping (separate customs clearance), please read the information here.

Q19. Does the consignee have to pay duty even if it's a gift?

  • A19.We're sorry, but all duties must be paid by the consignee.

Q20. Can I send my golf bags outside Japan?

  • A20.Unlike with the Golf TA-Q-BIN service in Japan, we cannot deliver to your golf course or specify a delivery date and time. Please pack your golf bags in a box and confirm the size and weight (the combined total of length, width and height must be within 160 cm and weight must not exceed 25 kg). Also, various costs such as tariffs may be payable.

Q21. I want to send to a school outside Japan.

  • A21.We cannot handle delivery of parcel to schools outside Japan.

Q22. Can I send to hotel accommodations outside Japan?

  • A22.We cannot handle delivery to hotel guests outside Japan.

Q23. Can I send to a P.O. box outside Japan?

  • A23.We cannot handle deliveries to P.O. boxes.

Q24. Can I track my parcel?

  • A24.We're sorry. This service is available only in Japan.