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UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Required Shipping Forms

Shipping Preparations for UPS Worldwide Express Saver

The following items are required for shipping and should be prepared in advance by customers.

  • Customers are responsible for the packaging of items and documentation to be shipped.
  • Commercial invoice (required for items other than documentation)
    • *For items other than documentation, please prepare a commercial invoice (4 pages) in addition to the shipping label.
    • *Depending on the destination country, a commercial invoice may be required even when the parcel contents are documentations or papers.
    • *Commercial invoices are required by the Customs Act. All four pages must be directly signed.

    Image: Commercial Invoice

  • Invoice Bag

    Required for inserting the invoice.

  • Shipping Label (Required)

    The shipping label is important documentation for when shipping items overseas.

    Shipping Label (payment when sending)

    Image: Shipping Label (payment when sending)

    Shipping Label (cash on delivery)

    Image: Shipping Label (cash on delivery)

  • Child Label (when sending multiple parcels to the same address)

    Image: Child Label (when sending multiple parcels to the same address)

  • Shipping Label (when sending multiple parcels to the same address)

    Image: Shipping Label (when sending multiple parcels to the same address)

    No specifications for the size or format of the shipping label. Prepared by the customer.

Affixing Labels in the Case of Multiple Parcels Sent to Same Address

First, determine the "parent parcel" to which the shipping label will be affixed. Affix the invoice bag and insert the invoice inside.

Image: Parent Shipping Label

Affix one child label and one shipping label to each of the remaining packages (child packages).

Image: Child Shipping Label

Notes for Using Our Services

  1. Generally speaking, the contents of parcels should be packed using buffering materials with a thickness of 5 to 6 cm.
    In particular, use double-layer packaging for glass and fragile items.
    If it is judged that packaging was insufficient, compensation may not be possible even when ad valorem fees have been added.
  2. When ad valorem fees are not paid, the maximum compensation amount for loss or damage will be 11,000* JPY.**
  3. We take no responsibility for indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from negligence or other failure to fulfill duties.
    However, this excludes cases in which other regulations are defined by law. (Compensation does not include lost profit or costs such as signal codes which arise due to loss or damage.)
  4. All negotiation and compensation for freight-related accidents shall be conducted with the consigner.
  • *English terms and conditions state a limit of US $100. This shall be converted to 11,000 JPY.
  • **Contact the UPS Japan Customer Service Center (0120-74-2877, English or Japanese only) for further details.

Notes for Sending Notebook Computers/Mobile Phones:
From January 2009, in order to ensure safe air transport, restrictions on handling for international air transport have become stricter when performing overseas shipping of notebook computers, mobile phones and other devices containing lithium batteries.
Individual transportation contracts are required between the sender and Yamato. Therefore, we have stopped consignment of such items.


UPS Japan Co., Ltd. 0120-74-2877 Weekdays 9:00 am-6:30 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Inquiry by email

  • *Support offered in both English and Japanese.