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UPS Worldwide Express Saver


UPS Worldwide Express Saver uses the UPS network in countries throughout the world to realize speedy and reliable delivery of important documentation and freight to more than 200 countries and regions across the globe.

Features of UPS Worldwide Express Saver

  • Convenient fee pack includes pickup, customs and delivery. (However, customs tariffs and ad valorem fees are not included.)
  • UPS Envelope is convenient for sending documentation.
  • Freight tracking information can be easily checked anytime from the Yamato Transport homepage.
  • Offers a variety of payment methods, including payment when sending, cash on delivery and billing several days after incurring costs such as customs tariffs.

Type of Parcels Handled

  • No shipping label (invoice) is required when enclosing documents in a special UPS Envelope (made from cardboard).
    There is no limit for the envelope weight or number of pages which can be inserted.
    Only paper documentation can be sent using the envelope.
    Size: 24 cm (L) × 33.5 cm (W)

    Image: Special envelope (UPS Envelope)

    • *Special envelope (UPS Envelope)
  • Use UPS Pak (made from vinyl) for documentation or irrefrangible items
    Size: 32.5 cm (L) × 41.5 cm (W)

    Image: Special envelope (UPS Pak)

    • * Special envelope (UPS Pak)
  • Limited to packages (packaged by customers) with an individual weight of within 70 kg (32 kg for some countries). Furthermore, the total of maximum length (within 270 cm) and circumference must be less than 330 cm.

Notes for Using Our Services

Items which cannot be handled and items which can be sent as documentation varies according to country. Contact UPS Japan Customer Service Center for further details.

Checking the Size and Weight of a Single Parcel

In consideration of business transportation where multiple parcels are often shipped to the same address, there is no limit on total weight or number of items.

Weight of a Single Parcel

There is no total weight limit for one shipment performed under one shipping label. There is also no limit on the number of parcels being shipped. However, the maximum weight for a single parcel is 70.0 kg. (Weight limits for a single parcel may differ in some countries and regions.)

Size of Single Parcel

The size of a single parcel is limited to a maximum of 270 cm for the longest side. Furthermore, the total of the longest side and the circumference must be within 330 cm.

Method for Measuring Weight

Based on IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations, weight calculation uses the larger of either the actual weight or volume weight for the parcel.
Actual weight: Actual weight of parcel including packaging
Volume weight: Weight calculated by using 1 kg for every 5,000 cm3 of parcel volume

(Volume weight)=L(cm) x W(cm) x H(cm)/5,000

(Example) Parcel box with actual weight of 5 kg and dimensions of 30 cm × 40 cm × 50 cm = 12 (kg). In this case, volume weight (12 kg) is greater than actual weight (5 kg). Therefore, 12 kg is used when calculating fees.

Notes for Using Our Services

  1. Generally speaking, the contents of parcels should be packed using buffering materials with a thickness of 5 to 6 cm.
    In particular, use double-layer packaging for glass and fragile items.
    If it is judged that packaging was insufficient, compensation may not be possible even when ad valorem fees have been added.
  2. When ad valorem fees are not paid, the maximum compensation amount for loss or damage will be 11,000* JPY.**
  3. We take no responsibility for indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from negligence or other failure to fulfill duties.
    However, this excludes cases in which other regulations are defined by law. (Compensation does not include lost profit or costs such as signal codes which arise due to loss or damage.)
  4. All negotiation and compensation for freight-related accidents shall be conducted with the consigner.
  • *English terms and conditions state a limit of US $100. This shall be converted to 11,000 JPY.
  • **Contact the UPS Japan Customer Service Center (0120-74-2877, English or Japanese only) for further details.

Notes for Sending Notebook Computers/Mobile Phones:
From January 2009, in order to ensure safe air transport, restrictions on handling for international air transport have become stricter when performing overseas shipping of notebook computers, mobile phones and other devices containing lithium batteries.
Individual transportation contracts are required between the sender and Yamato. Therefore, we have stopped consignment of such items.


UPS Japan Co., Ltd. 0120-74-2877 Weekdays 9:00 am-6:30 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Inquiry by email

  • *Support offered in both English and Japanese.