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Deutsche Post Subsidiary StreetScooter and Yamato Transport Jointly Developed Japan’s First Small-Sized Commercial Use Electric Vehicle Specialized for Delivery

-Excellent in safety, operability and efficiency, compact car body only requires regular driving license-

-500 EVs to be brought in during 2019, operation scheduled from this autumn onwards-

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

StreetScooter GmbH

27 March, 2019

(EV’s images)

(EV’s images)

Yamato Holdings subsidiary Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: 16-10, Ginza 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8125, Japan, President: Yutaka Nagao, hereinafter “Yamato”) and Deutsche Post DHL Group subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH (Head office: Juelicher Str. 191, 52070, Aachen, Germany; President: Achim Kampker, hereinafter “STS”) jointly developed Japan’s first small-sized commercial use electric vehicles (EV) specialized for delivery. The purchase agreement was signed on 27th March, 2019. 500 EVs are scheduled to bring in during 2019 and start operating in Tokyo, and 3 prefectures (Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa) in Japan from this autumn onwards.

Through the introduction of EVs, Yamato aims to maintain a safe, secure and easy-to-work environment and to further facilitate working style reform. At the same time, it actively makes efforts in solving the challenges of the logistics field as a whole, including the reduction of environmental burdens, as well as ESG management, which contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society.

  1. Background

    To provide better services to customers, Yamato has placed “Working style reform” as the top priority of management and carried out “Delivery business structural reform” since 2017. Regarding operational reform, it has enlarged the recruitment scale to a more diverse level, including the recruitment of Anchor-cast (AC) *. To cope with the needs, the company has been considering the development and introduction of new vehicles which are proven excellent in safety, operability and efficiency, matching each region’s operation.

    This EV was jointly developed by Yamato and STS through continuous examinations since December, 2017. It is Japan’s first small-sized commercial use electric vehicles specialized for delivery and it is the second original vehicle for Yamato since the development of “Walk-through vehicle”* in 1982. 500 EVs are scheduled to bring in during 2019 and start operating in Tokyo, and 3 prefectures (Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa) in Japan from this autumn onwards.

    As this EV is compact and easy-to-handle, it helps to create an environment to foster working with confidence, especially for employees who do not have driving permits for medium-sized vehicles or who are not familiar with work that require driving. At the same time, the promotion of working style reform and the enhancement of delivery capacity can also be accelerated. Furthermore, the introduction of EV contributes to reduce environmental burdens, such as lowering CO2 emission and travelling noise in operation. With the advantage of high affinity to advanced technology, Yamato is now considering the possibility to introduce automated driving and AI technology. It bolsters Yamato’s position as a leader of constructing next generation logistics network and its attitude towards the achievement of sustainable society by solving environmental problems.

    • *Anchor-cast (AC)
      An anchor cast is a contracted employee who receives monthly salary and performs work specializing in delivery. Yamato has started the recruitment of AC since spring in 2018. The current number of AC employees is 5,000.
    • *Walk-through vehicle
      Yamato’s first original vehicle specialized in delivery. Driver can move directly from the driver seat to the car compartment. This vehicle was developed based on frontline members’ feedback and was introduced in 1982.
  2. Signing Ceremony

    The signing ceremony was held at the headquarter of Yamato on 27th March, 2019 from 14:30.

    (From the left) CEO of STS: Achim Kampker, President of Yamato: Yutaka Nagao

    (From the left) CEO of STS: Achim Kampker, President of Yamato: Yutaka Nagao

    【Achim Kampker, CEO of StreetScooter】

    We’re truly thrilled that Yamato has chosen our electric vehicles,” Kampker said. “It’s fresh validation that our vision of building customized, industry-specific vehicles is blossoming, this time on an international scale. The strategic cooperation with Yamato is thus an important step on the road to tapping the Japanese market for electric light utility vehicles.

    【Yutaka Nagao, President of Yamato】

    While restructuring a sustainable last mile delivery network for TA-Q-BIN, it has been a big challenge for us to develop new delivery vehicles with the consideration of our employee’s point of view. This encounter with STS is truly exciting to us, and we’re looking forward to our first step towards a resolution through joint development.

  3. Features of the new EV

    In addition to the features of zero emission of CO2 during driving, ability to support advanced technologies including automated driving and AI technology, the new EV is also equipped with the mechanism for achieving a secure, safe, lively work environment.

    1. (1)High workability
      • To pursue ergonomics, EV has been developed with the aim to reduce the burden to drivers when driving, getting on and off, loading and unloading of parcels. By flattening the seat on the driver’ side-door side, drivers can get on and off the driver seat smoothly regardless of body height.
      • Compartment with three side doors, which enables a worker to put in and out a parcel from the outside with ease. (Less burden to the waist)
      • Compartment equipped with LED lights, which a worker can easily look up a parcel even at night.
    2. (2)High operability
      • Motor vehicle standard which only requires general driving license.
        (Driving permits for medium-sized vehicles are not requires.)
      • Small-sized that equivalent to 1 small box or standard-sized passenger car so as to minimize the car width, height and rotation radius. As simplicity and safety are guaranteed, the anxiety of driving trucks due to body shape, age, sex , experience can be reduced, which widen the work opportunities
    3. (3)High environmental performance (emission rate of CO2 and safety performance)
      • Zero emission of CO2 during operation
      • Reduction of travelling noise during operation
      • As the power source is based on the electric motor, this EV will automatically enter into the parking mode when cutting off the power. Self-propelled accidents can also be prevented
      • As the EV is under joint development, real-time information regarding driving situation and breakdown can be obtained through the cloud system so as to contribute to the improvement of safety.
    4. (4)Cut down on maintenance cost
      • As the car body is rust preventive and made with pigmented plastics which are strong against damages, maintenance can be done easily.
      • Reduction of maintenance cost
      • *Much fewer components and simplified maintenance processes when comparing to diesel cars, maintenance can be reduced.
    5. (5)High affinity to advanced technology
      • Possibility to introduce automatic driving and AI technology
    6. ■ Vehicle Specifications

      Total length 4,700mm
      Total width 1,830mm
      Total height 2,250mm
      body weight
      Maximum loading


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