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Regarding Restrictions and Delays for Domestic and International Shipping due to Unstable Social Conditions

Dear Valued Customers,

  1. 1. Regarding advance confirmations via telephone by the following airlines
    Destination countries/regions Guam and Federated States of Micronesia (Saipan, Palau, Yap)
    Details Airlines will call the shipper of the parcel and documents destined for the countries/regions listed above. If the shipper cannot be reached, parcels may be held in temporary custody.
    Airlines Continental Airlines
  2. 2. Regarding 1-day delays due to flight route changes
    Destination countries/regions Hawaii (only applies to letters and documents)
  3. 3.

    In Japan, security checks are conducted for parcels prior to loading them on aircraft. This may result delays on all routes. For more information, please contact your nearest Sales Office.

    Routes subject to delay

    TA-Q-BIN To and from all regions of Japan and Okinawa; to and from Hokkaido and Kyushu, Chugoku or Shikoku; from Northern Hokkaido or Eastern Hokkaido to Kansai; from Chitose and the surrounding areas to Kansai; from Shizuoka to Oita; from Chubu to Northern Hokkaido or Eastern Hokkaido
    Time Service All shipments which use aircraft
    However, for customers who satisfy the following conditions (shippers who have had a continuous business relationship with Yamato Transport since before September 10, 1999 and who regularly ship 5 or more parcels every month), same-day dispatch is possible provided that a domestic freight security certificate has been issued and a same-day dispatch permit has been affixed to the parcel.
  4. 4.

    Parcels destined for overseas are accepted normally, however security checks are conducted on parcels destined for certain regions before being dispatched. Delays can be expected in such cases.

    Export service levels (for parcels originating from Japan)

    The Americas and Europe Service levels have returned to normal.
    Asia and Oceania Security checks are conducted before dispatch. Therefore, delays are expected.
  5. 5. Parcels to be sent via Airport TA-Q-BIN are accepted normally, but please be aware that flights are sometimes postponed.