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For Parcels Larger than Standard TA-Q-BIN ParcelsYAMATO-BINYAMATO-BIN

Send parcels larger than standard TA-Q-BIN sizes (maximum linear dimension of 160cm and maximum weight of 25kg) and parcels containing items totalling more than 300,000 JPY.Some parcels may not be accepted due to their size and weight.

  • Discounts available
  • Select the time zone
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery Center Pickup Service
  • Convenience store services available
  • Cash on delivery available
  • Return deliveries available


Service Features

Send parcels larger than Size 160

Send parcels larger than Size 160

YAMATO-BIN can be used to send parcels larger than Size 160 which cannot be sent by TA-Q-BIN, and parcels with a total weight of more than 25kg per waybill.

Send parcels valued more than 300,000 JPY

Send parcels valued more than 300,000 JPY

Customers can choose to purchase insurance for their parcels.
Some accidents are not covered by our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we recommend purchasing insurance.

Some parcels may not be accepted due to their size and weight.

For this service, one Sales Driver uses a small truck to pick up the parcel. Therefore, it is required that you pack and move the parcel outside in advance.

For large parcels which need to be loaded on a large truck or carried by multiple staff, or for parcels that need to be packed, please use Household Goods

Rates for YAMATO-BIN

Rates vary depending on the total weight of the parcel and the area of the recipient. The total weight uses the heavier of the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

Volumetric weight (kg) = Length (meters) x Width (meters) x Height (meters) x 280

Drop-off Discounts

When dropping off parcels at Yamato Transport Sales Offices or TA-Q-BIN Agencies, discounts are given based on total weight per waybill.

Total weight Up to 30 kg Up to 50 kg Up to 100 kg For each subsequent increase of 50kg
Discount 120 JPY 140 JPY 230 JPY Additional charge of 90 JPY
Total weight Discount
Up to 30 kg 120 JPY
Up to 5O kg 140 JPY
Up to 100 kg 230 JPY
For each subsequent increase of 50kg Additional charge of 90 JPY

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for YAMATO-BIN is optional

We will use the greatest care when delivering your parcel. If breakage or other damage occurs during shipping at the fault of Yamato, we will compensate you based on the shipping Terms and Conditions. However, depending on the details of the accident, there are cases which are outside the scope of the shipping Terms and Conditions.
Therefore, we recommend enrolling in optional shipping insurance for goods which are fragile or especially valuable. A non-life insurance company will provide compensation to the limit of the insured amount.

Eligible cargo Premiums (tax exempt)
General cargo (all cargo including machines and fragile items) 10 JPY for every 10,000 JPY of the insured amount (50 JPY minimum)
  • *Optional insurance premiums can only be paid in cash.
  • *Additionally, for cash on delivery, optional insurance premiums are to be paid by the sender.

Sending Methods Available

  • Pickup at Your Home
  • TA-Q-BIN Agencies
  • Yamato Transport Sales Offices?
  • Convenience Store
  • Delivery Locker?

Available Options

  • Specified Date Delivery
  • Time Zone Delivery
  • TA-Q-BIN Delivery Center Pickup Service?
  • Temporary Custody Service?
  • Round Trip TA-Q-BIN
  • Reduced Rates for Multiple Parcels?
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Digital Discount?

Kuroneko Members Services

  • Kuroneko Members Discount?
  • Kuroneko Members Drop-Off
  • RAKURAKU Waybill Printing Service?
  • Delivery Completed Email?
  • *Kuroneko Members Card can be used when paying.

How to Send YAMATO-BIN

How to create waybills

Waybills are available at nearby Yamato Transport Sales Offices, convenience stores and TA-Q-BIN Agencies (Japanese Only)


  • Please pack parcels properly before sending.

Request pickup


Please note that inquiries made after 6:00pm may be responded to after 9:00am the following day.

Inquiries by Phone


The hours of operation differs depending on the type of inquiry.

When difficult to connect with the toll-free number

in English03-6757-1061
(9:00am to 6:00pm, 365 days a year)