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Connecting Business WorldwideUPS Worldwide Express Saver

UPS Worldwide Express Saver uses the global UPS network to quickly and reliably deliver your important documents and parcels to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. This service is suitable for commercial shipping which ships multiple parcels simultaneously.


Rates for UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Rates for UPS Worldwide Express Saver
  • *Consumption tax for Japan and the destination country do not apply to the rates listed above.

Rates and Size Categories

The rates and size categories are defined by UPS Japan Co., Ltd.
Based on type of service, weight, and destination country, please confirm rates using the following rate table and zone chart.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge have been added on since October 1, 2007.

Separate Fees which May Apply

Special handling fees

Additional Handling Charge JPY 770 per waybill (tax included)
Duty and Tax Forwarding Surcharge JPY 1,650 per waybill (tax included)
Address correction charge JPY 1,250 per waybill (tax exempted)
(The maximum charge per percel is JPY 4,000)
Extended Area Surcharge (EAS)
Deliver to EAS destination
JPY 50 per kilogram or value of JPY 2,600, whichever higher amount.
(tax exempted)
Remote Area Surcharge (RAS)
Deliver to RAS destination
JPY 60 per kilogram or value of JPY 2,800, whichever higher amount.
(tax exempted)
Freight Collect Reversal Charge per Shipment JPY 1,375 per waybill (tax included)
Lookup Surcharge JPY 1,375 per waybill (tax included)
Large Package Surcharge JPY 7,700 per package (tax included)
Over Maximum Length / Size / Weight JPY 24,530 per package (tax included)
Residential Delivery JPY 350 per waybill (tax exempted)
Undeliverable Package Return Charge JPY 1,000 per waybill (tax exempted)
Saturday Delivery Charge JPY 1,100 per waybill (tax exempted)
Surcharge for Non Compliance JPY 790 per package or JPY 7,100 per shipment, whichever higher amount. (tax exempted)
Surcharge for Prohibited Item JPY 18,414 per package (tax included)

Refer to details here.

Setting the insurance value

In the event that parcels are damaged or lost, parcels are insured for up to 11,000 JPY.
Additional insurance can be purchased for parcels valued more than 11,000 JPY
Additional compensation can be purchased for 130 JPY per 11,000 JPY in parcel value.
(Please note that the full amount of compensation may not be awarded depending on the conditions of the parcel packaging when collected.)

Items which cannnot be Sent Using UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Even if parcels meet the size regulations, some items cannot be sent using UPS Worldwide Saver due to the parcel size(length), value of the parcel contents, packaging or the inclusion of dangerous items. For more information, please visit the following links.

How to Send UPS Worldwide Express Saver

How to Pack and Send


  • In the English Terms of Service, it states that insurance covers up to US$100 in value. This converts to 11,000 JPY.
  • Insurance claims and negotiations related to accidents involving parcels are to be conducted directly with the Shipper.
  • When parcels are clearing customs at the destination country, depending on that country's import regulations and customs clearance procedures, special procedures may be required.

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