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How to Send This Item?

QPersonal Computer


Personal computers can be sent by PC TA-Q-BIN. Any notebook computer, desktop computer, monitor, or printer will be packed in special material developed by Yamato Transport before delivery.

When our sales driver visits your location for pickup, he or she will pack the PC or other items on-site. (Packing materials are also avilable for purchase separately.)
As we need to arrange the special packing materials, please inform our customer service center in advance about sending.

If you retain the box and cushioning materials that the PC or printer was packed with at the time of purchase, you can use them and pack the PC or printer on your own.

QCar tires


If you wish to send a tire with a wheel, please reinforce the package with cardboard to protect the wheel from damage.

When sending one tire

(1) Tire size shown in the photo: 215/60R16

(2) Cover the wheel with cardboard.

(3) Tape the cardboard firmly onto the tire.

(4) This shows the cardboard taped onto the tire.

(5) Secure the cardboard with polypropylene strapping so that it does not move.

QExpensive Goods


Luxury articles or goods with a value of 300,000 JPY (tax included) or greater can be sent by YAMATO-BIN.

If you wish to send an article of which value is 1,000,000 JPY (tax included) or greater, please contact our customer service center in advance.

  • *A sales driver or our Customer Service Center will get back to you.



Bicycles can be sent by Household Goods TA-Q-BIN.

For more information please call our toll-free number (Japanese Only): 0120-008-008.

  • * If you wish to send your bicycle to the venue of a competition, such as triathlon or bicycle road race, and you are a JCA member of the Japan Cycling Association or CJ+ member of Cyclic, you can use Cycling YAMATO-BIN to send your bicycle to the venue. (Please take note that this service is not available for some events. Please Inquiry with the event organizer about availability of the service.)
    For more information, please contact the Japan Cycling Association (JCA member) or Cyclic (CJ+ member.)

QMotorcycle, Car and Piano


These goods can be sent by Yamato Home Convenience

For more information, please call our toll-free number (Japanese Only): 0120-46-1254.

QPaintings, works of art, etc.


Pictures which are Size 10 or smaller can be sent using the special packing material "Art Box."

For other works of arts, Yamato Logistics will use special vehicles and packing material, and will take responsibility for pickup, packing, and sending.

QMusical Instrument (Guitar)


If the musical instrument is sized so that it can be packaged and carried in a hard case, we will accept the order for sending.

For details, please contact our Customer Service Center.

  • *Depending on the article or your inquiry, a sales driver or our customer service center will get back to you.

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