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About Airport TA-Q-BIN

QWhen should I send my items if I would like to receive them at the airport?


Please send your goods up to 2 days (3 days in some areas) before your departure date.
The "Sending Deadline" varies depending on the sales office. Please contact the nearest sales office or our sales drivers.

Airport TA-Q-BIN is a service to deliver heavy suitcase and bulky baggage to Yamato’s partner counter in the designated airport by the day before your departure. In addition, delivery of the parcel from the airport to the designated place is also accepted at Yamato’s partner counter in each airport.

  • *This service is available only at airports in Japan. In some airports, Airport TA-Q-BIN is not available.

QDo I have to put a cover on my suitcase?


No. You do not have to put a cover.

For customers that require a cover, we have a suitcase cover (charged). Please place an order with us when you apply for delivery.

  • *You can pack your traveling bag in a cardboard box.

QAre additional fees incurred when using Airport TA-Q-BIN?


Yes. In addition to TA-Q-BIN rate, you need to pay the extra charge to use the airport.

QCan I receive a round-trip discount?


As a round-trip discount, you can receive a 100 JPY discount per parcel for the return trip.

Please take note that you need to pay the rate for the return trip when sending the goods for the outward trip.

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