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Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Initial version: November 3, 2006

The Company shall use the Personal Information to the extent necessary for the following purposes.

1. Company's Businesses
  1. (1)Small parcel delivery services for the general public, with a focus on TA-Q-BIN
  2. (2)Sales of packaging material and other goods
  3. (3)Other businesses related or ancillary to above
2. Purpose of Use
  1. (1)To receive orders for products/services
  2. (2)To provide products/services
  3. (3)To verify customers' qualifications for using the products/services or to identify the customer
  4. (4)To conduct market research and data analysis for studying and developing new products/services
  5. (5)To introduce the Company's and/or its relevant companies' products/services via direct mails, etc.
  6. (6)To ensure good business performance with our customers in a proper and smooth manner