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Shared Use of Personal Information within the Yamato Group

Initial version: November 3, 2006
Latest revised version: April 28, 2008

Within the Yamato Group, the management resources of each component company are combined effectively in order to provide attractive services to our customers, thereby improving the corporate value of the entire Group.

Accordingly, the Company intends to share the personal data within the Group only on an as-needed basis, limiting the use to the scope as specified below. Furthermore, stricter controls and supervision will be instituted in order to enhance the sharing of personal information.

In the future, revisions to the sharing of personal information shall be made as necessary. Any such modifications will be publicly announced in advance.

1. Items of Shared Use
Name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, etc.
2. Shared Companies
3. Purposes of Use
  1. (1)To conduct market research and data analysis for studying and developing new products/services
  2. (2)To introduce products/services via direct mails, etc.
  3. (3)To convey/transfer to companies in charge any customer inquiries, applications or requests regarding products/services provided by the Yamato Group
  4. (4)To ensure good business performance with our customers in a proper and smooth manner
4. Manager in Charge of Shared Use
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.