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Round Trip TA-Q-BIN

Preparing Shipping Labels

How to Fill out Shipping Labels

Please fill out the section within bold lines by writing firmly with a ballpoint pen.

Image: Round Trip TA-Q-BIN Shipping Label

  • *In certain cases we may not be able to deliver parcels or delivery may be delayed if you merely state "sundries", "daily necessities" or product codes in the contents section. To avoid such a situation please write specific details regarding parcel contents, such as product names.

Services that can be used in combination with one another

The following services with a white background, can be used together.

Specified Date Delivery*1 Time Zone Delivery Cash on Delivery Service
Multiple-parcel reduction System Cool TA-Q-BIN Express TA-Q-BIN
TA-Q-BIN Time Service Golf/Ski TA-Q-BIN Airport TA-Q-BIN
Round Trip TA-Q-BIN TA-Q-BIN Collect PC TA-Q-BIN
  • *1Please state the date of your stay, boarding date, or the day you are planning on golfing/skiing.

Service locations

Pickup from your location
Yamato Sales Offices
General TA-Q-BIN Agencies
Convenience Stores

Notes for Using Our Services

  • Return trips must be taken within one month from the date your parcels (one month until the same day of the next month, ex. one month from Jan 8 to Feb 8) are accepted for outward delivery.
  • Round Trip TA-Q-BIN is limited to round trip delivery between your home, etc., and golf courses, ski resorts, airports, and accommodation facilities such as hotels/inns.
  • When you send your parcels, please be sure to use the special shipping label for Round Trip TA-Q-BIN.
  • If you have cancelled the return delivery, please contact your nearest TA-Q-BIN sales office. We will reimburse you for the delivery rate for the return delivery.
  • Regarding the return trip of your bags when using "Round Trip TA-Q-BIN", we ask that you yourself arrange for pickup.
  • "Cash on Delivery Service" and "Multiple-parcel reduction System" do not apply.
  • Round Trip TA-Q-BIN may not be available at some convenience stores.