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TA-Q-BIN Collect Service


TA-Q-BIN Collect is a reliable and convenient service for receiving products that you have purchased through online shopping, etc. There are no worries since payment for the product is made when delivery of the product is received. We will contact you by phone before we deliver your parcel.

Image: Placing Order: Order is placed with online shopping, etc., using TA-Q-BIN Collect.

Image: Delivery: We contact you by phone before delivery

Image: Receiving: Pay when you receive the product

  • *For payments by e-money or credit card when the parcel is delivered, the sender (online shopping companies, etc.) must apply to use e-money or credit cards as payment to Yamato Financial in advance.
  • *If payment by credit card is not possible due to poor radio wave reception, we may request that you pay in cash.
  • *Only for parcels sent by business customers who have entered into a contract with Yamato. Please see “TA-Q-BIN Collect (Business Customers )” for details.

Convenient Services Usable Together in Combination

Time Zone Delivery (*No extra charge)

Please select your preferred delivery time zone when you place an order through online shopping, etc. Customers can select the time zone in which they would like their parcel delivered. We can redeliver parcels upon request until 21:00 if no particular time zone is specified and the recipient is not at home when we attempt delivery.

  • Image: Before Noon
    Before Noon
  • Image: 14:00-16:00
  • Image: 16:00-18:00
  • Image: 18:00-20:00
  • Image: 19:00-21:00

Other Payment Methods

There are many other payment methods other than cash or credit card when we deliver the parcel.

Settlement Service Service Type
TA-Q-BIN Collect
Kuroneko Web Collect
  • *In order to allow the receivers of the parcels to pay using the above services, the senders (online shopping companies, etc.) must apply for use of the above services to Yamato Financial in advance.