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To Our Customers:

Announcement regarding
Domestic and Overseas Parcel Handling Restrictions and Delays Due to Social Instability

  1. Prior telephone confirmation by the following airlines

    • : Guam, Micronesia (Saipan, Palau, Yap)
    • : A confirmation telephone call will be placed by airlines to customers sending parcels or letters to the above stated countries.
      Parcels may be retained if customers do not answer such calls.
    • : Continental Airlines
  2. 1 day delivery level delays due to changes in flight routes

    • : Hawaii (letters, documents only)
  3. Parcels loaded onto aircrafts in Japan shall be loaded having undergone safety checks and this may result in delays on all routes. Please contact your nearest sales office for more information.

    Routes subject to delays

    • : All Japan ↔ Okinawa, Hokkaido ↔ Kyushu & Chugoku & Shikoku,
      Northern & Eastern Hokkaido → Kansai, Chitose area → Kansai, Shizuoka → Oita, Chubu → Northern and Eastern Hokkaido
    Time Service
    • : All time services which use aircrafts
      However, the following customers may, having issued a domestic cargo security certificate and attached an immediate load approval cargo seal, be able to load parcels immediately. (Customers who have been sending parcels continuously prior to September 10, 1999, and uncollected shippers who regularly send more than 5 parcels per month).
  4. Parcels destined for overseas are being accepted as normal, however, delays are anticipated in certain areas due to parcels undergoing security checks before loading.

    Export (From Japan):

    To North, Central and South America and Europe
    • : Returned to normal levels.
    To Asia and Oceania
    • : Delays are anticipated due to parcels undergoing security checks before loading.
  5. Airport TA-Q-BIN are being accepted as normal but please be aware when sending parcels that certain flights have been suspended.