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1919 Nov. Our company was established via an organizational meeting held in the Kyobashi Ward of Tokyo.
(Paid-in Capital: 100,000 JPY; Representative: Masao Ogura).
Transportation business using chartered trucks (4 trucks) started in same location.


1923 Apr. Conducted contract with Mitsukoshi Department Store for shipping of products.
1929 Feb. Establishment of Daini Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
(Current registered date of establishment for Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. Actual date of establishment was April 9).
May With Daini Yamato Transport as the surviving company, a new company was established via a merger resolution passed at the shareholders’ meetings of Yamato and Daini Yamato. The name of the new company was Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
June Started full-scale periodic delivery service between Tokyo and Yokohama.
(First shipping line in Japan).


1949 May Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


1950 Mar. Started freight transporting in Shiodome. (Also started transporting in Akihabara Station and Iida-Machi Station in April).
1951 Jan. Conducted an agent contract with C.A.T Airlines Corporation and started the handling of air freight.
1955 Mar. Certified as a freight-handling agent by the International Air Transport Association. Conducted agent contracts with prominent domestic and international airline companies.
1957 June Created and started to use the logo of a mother cat and kitten (trademark).
1958 May Started packaging and shipping of art goods .(Received shipping orders for an exhibition of Incan empire culture and an exhibition of Gogh paintings).


1973 Jan. Separated the Computer Division and established Yamato System Development Co., Ltd.
1974 Feb. Started the online system (Neko Total System) for freight transporting.
1975 Sept. Developed and started the use of Ban Pack System for long-term storage of household goods.
1976 Jan. In the Kanto region, started “TA-Q-BIN,” a special home delivery system for small parcels. (11 parcels were shipped on the 20th, which was the first day of service. Service was sequentially expanded to major cities across Japan from May.)
1979 Mar. In the 114th period, the 10 millionth TA-Q-BIN order was shipped.


1981 Dec. 10 million TA-Q-BIN orders were shipped in a single month.
1982 Oct. The company name was changed to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (ヤマト運輸株式会社).
1983 Dec. Started Ski TA-Q-BIN services.
1984 Mar. In the 119th period, the 100 millionth TA-Q-BIN order was shipped.
Apr. Started Golf TA-Q-BIN services.
1985 Sept. Started idling stop activities using a cord tied around the waist of drivers when vehicles are stopped/parked.
Sept. Established Yamato Home Services Co., Ltd.
1986 Nov. Started the Collect Service.
1987 Feb. Started UPS TA-Q-BIN services.
May Started a transportation information system using a nationwide single-frequency wireless system.
1988 July Started Cool TA-Q-BIN services across Japan.
Sept. Began sales of “Yamato The Sea Mail.”
Nov. Made TA-Q-BIN model changes to four sizes: 60, 80, 100 and 120.
Nov. Started nighttime deliver service.
1989 Nov. Began sales of Airport TA-Q-BIN (Narita Airport).


1990 Aug. Started recycling activities for TA-Q-BIN shipping labels.
1991 June Acquired a portion of sales rights from Fukui Transport Co., Ltd. and completed our company’s nationwide network.
1992 Feb. Began sales of TA-Q-BIN Time Service.
1993 Mar. In the 128th period, 500 million TA-Q-BIN orders were shipped in a single year.
Sept. Started the Yamato Welfare Foundation.
Dec. 100 million TA-Q-BIN orders were shipped in a single month.
1994 Mar. Developed and began practical testing of LPG vehicles (2-ton walk-through vehicles) built to Yamato specifications.
July Made a TA-Q-BIN model change to include the sizes 140 and 160. Started the Multiple-parcel reduction System.
1995 Apr. Established the Yamato Transport Corporate Philosophy, composed of a company precept, management principles, corporate spirit,  and code of behavior for employees.
Apr. Defined the need to consider environmental conservation in the Yamato Transport Corporate Philosophy.
Sept. Began sales of Security Package.
Dec. Reached a total of 5 billion orders shipped since the beginning the sale of TA-Q-BIN.
1996 June Participated in the Idling Stop Campaign of the Environmental Agency. Stickers were affixed to all vehicles.
Aug. Expanded the TA-Q-BIN to include seven islands (Toshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozujima, Miyakejima, Mikurajima, Aogashima) of the Izu Islands.
Dec. Started operation during year-end and New Year’s holidays, thus realizing operation 365 days a year.
1997 Mar. Started Kuroneko Mail-Bin services across Japan.
June As the first product of the original private generic brand of sales products Kuroneko Selected Market, started sales of toilet paper with unified specifications for all companies.
June On Environment Day, received an award from the Ministry of the Environment (Environmental Agency) for contributing to environmental conservation as a member of the division for preventing global warming (1st event).
July Developed and started testing for CNG vehicles (2-ton MP vans) built to Yamato specifications.
Nov. Started TA-Q-BIN services for the Bonin Islands (Chichi-Jima and Haha-Jima), thus completing the plan for a nationwide TA-Q-BIN network.
Nov. Began sales of Kuroneko Quick Maintenance Service.
1998 Feb. Started the Parcel Inquiry System on our homepage.
Apr. Decided on a plan to implement approximately 200 low-emission vehicles every year until 2010.
June Started Time Zone Delivery.
June Began sales of Golf/Ski/Airport/Round Trip TA-Q-BIN.
Nov. Started Kuroneko Expedition, an information search service for stores where TA-Q-BIN can be ordered.
1999 Apr. Started activities for recycling uniforms.
Oct. Started entering information on the completion of delivery for Kuroneko Mail-Bin.
Nov. Started the Parcel Inquiry System as part of a service providing information to mobile phones.


2000 July Increased the size of Kuroneko Mail-Bin. Became the first private corporation to receive approval for uniform nationwide rates.
Nov. Began sales of TA-Q-BIN Escrow Service, an intermediate settlement service for internet auctions.
2001 Feb. Started internet support for requests regarding pickup/re-delivery of TA-Q-BIN.
Apr. Started methodically implementation of electric MP vans (eco-cool vehicles).
Aug. Started Kuroneko@Payment (credit card service), an advance settlement service for credit cards.
2002 Feb. Started TA-Q-BIN Email Notification Service. In addition to announcing the scheduled date/time of parcel delivery to customers by email, the service allows customers to change the date/time zone for receipt to fit their schedule.
July Began sales of PC TA-Q-BIN, a delivery service providing speedy packaging of computers in special materials at the time of pickup.
Oct. Implemented 32,000 mobile phones throughout Japan in order to start SD Direct Communication, a service where Sales Drivers directly handle customers requests.
Oct. Started TA-Q-BIN Take-back Service, which handles repair items of manufacturers and cooling-off periods for mail order companies.
Dec. Became first in the world to start test implementation of hybrid 2-ton compact delivery trucks.
2003 Apr. Clarified the business fields within the Yamato Group and constructed a formation of 5 businesses.
Apr. Renewed Kuroneko Mail-Bin. Established two new sizes: 50 g and less; 100 g and less.
Apr. Started the organizational reform known as “TA-Q-BIN Area Center System” in order to increase operating efficiency and strengthen services for customers.
May Created “i-CATs Label Issuing Software B2,” an online software which enables customers to easily print shipping labels using their personal computer and printer.
Sept. Formulated the Yamato Transport Global Warming Prevention Targets which call for a 30% reduction in C02 emissions amounts for each parcel.
Nov. Started Express TA-Q-BIN service between Hokkaido and the Kanto region (8 prefectures) by using late-night flights.
2004 Mar. Started our Collect Service in the Izu Islands and Bonin Islands, thus expanding the service nationwide.
Mar. Started application of terms and conditions to Kuroneko Mail-Bin. Made services easier to use by enabling cash payments, etc.
July Started a TA-Q-BIN Delivery Notification Service where parcel delivery notification emails are sent to registered users. The service also enables users to change the desired delivery date and time zone.
July Started Express TA-Q-BIN service in the Kyushu area.
Oct. Started “Label Issuing System C2,” a system enabling easy printing of shipping labels via the internet.
Oct. Started “Tracking Service,” a service on our homepage for searching the number of required shipping days.
Oct. Started “Kuroneko Yamato Driver Direct,” a service where regional Sales Drivers contact customers directly by mobile phone in order to offer speedy responses to customer requests.
Nov. Started domestic delivery of international mail destined for Japan from the Deutsche Post.
2005 Feb. Started a “TA-Q-BIN Invoice Typing Service” offering free printing and delivery of TA-Q-BIN shipping labels containing information provided through customer application.
Mar. In anticipation of a shifting to a holding company, established Yamato Transport Segmentation Preparatory Co., Ltd. with the objective of acquiring the segmented delivery business when the organizational shift was made.
July Added “Payment with Credit Card at Delivery,” “Payment at Convenience Stores or Post Offices,” and “Payment Online or with Mobile Phone” to the existing product settlement services of “Payment on Delivery” and “Advance Settlement by Credit Card.” Started TA-Q-BIN Collect, a total settlement service for mail order dealers.
Nov. All businesses of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. were segmented to Yamato Transport Segmentation Preparatory Co., Ltd. via company segmentation and a shift was made towards a holding company. Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. changed its name to Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. and Yamato Transport Segmentation Preparatory Co., Ltd. changed its name to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Nov. Started the “TA-Q-BIN e-Announcement Series,” a service which sends email to announce various information regarding parcels (notice of non-delivery because of absence, notice of delivery completion, delivery schedule).
2006 Feb. Started “TA-Q-BIN Convenience Store Take-Back Service,” which allows customers to receive TA-Q-BIN which could not be delivered because of absence. Parcels can be received at specified convenience stores and sales offices.
Apr. Started “Kuroneko Yamato Classified Documents Recycle Service,” which realizes security and environmentally-friendly recycling.
June Started handling of Kuroneko Global Mail-Bin at all TA-Q-BIN Centers throughout Japan.
Oct. Began sales of International TA-Q-BIN, a service for reliable and easy shipping of parcels overseas at a reasonable price.
Oct. Renewed Kuroneko Mail-Bin. Also, began sales of “Kuroneko Mail-Bin Express Service” for customers requiring urgent delivery.
Nov. Began sales of Auction TA-Q-BIN, a convenient service providing peace of mind by handling settlement and shipping of auctioned items without disclosing personal information.
2007 Jan. In order to achieve the Yamato Transport Global Warming Prevention Targets, started full-scale implementation of low-emissions walk-through hybrid vehicles.
Apr. Started test driving of fuel-cell hybrid vehicles, the ultimate eco-car.
Sept. Through a collaboration with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. began sales of “Kuroneko Seat Mail Delivery,” an integrated service providing creation, printing and shipping of direct mail.
Oct. Started the individual member’s service “Kuroneko Members.” The inaugural service was “Easy Label Issuing Service,” which enabled issuance of shipping labels at “Neko Pit,” a service terminal installed at the reception desk of TA-Q-BIN Centers.
Oct. Started accepting e-money cards when paying rates for TA-Q-BIN and when paying product cost for mail-order items.
2008 Jan. Began sales of “Kuroneko Mail Collect (payment at convenience stores or post offices; payment online or with mobile phone),” a service which affixed shipping labels with a payment slip payable at convenience stores, etc.
Feb. Added the functions “Delivery Notice Mail Service” and “Finished Delivery Notice Mail Service” to Kuroneko Members.
Mar. In order to realize collection of products, started sales of “Kuroneko Mail-Bin Prepaid Return Mail Service (Japanese only),” a service where the recipient is responsible for paying rates. (For business customers only.)
May Began sales of the TA-Q-BIN Identification Service, which delivers parcels after confirming the identity of the recipient at the time of delivery.
Oct. TA-Q-BIN was awarded the special Good Design Life-Scape Design Award (Minister of METI) as part of the 2008 Good Design Awards.
Dec. Exceeded a total of 1.5 million participants for the “Children’s Traffic Safety Workshop,” an event held since 1998 in order to instill local children with knowledge about traffic safety.
2009 June Started support for settlement of rate and material cost using several types of e-money at sales offices throughout Japan.
Sept. Started Kuroneko Biz Station, a package service for business customers who use sales offices.
Oct. In order to improve service quality and administrative efficiency, outsourced a portion of accounting procedures.


2010 Jan. Started TA-Q-BIN business in Singapore and Shanghai.
Jan. Started “Kuroneko Members Designated Receiving TA-Q-BIN Service,” which allows customers registered as Kuroneko Members to select a desired receipt date, time zone and receipt method via the internet.
Feb. Started the “Web Invoice Offering Service,” which enables viewing and downloading of billing invoices and billing statements on the web.
Feb. Started the implementation of “See-T Navi,” a unique vehicle-mounted system which supports safer and more environmentally-friendly driving by Sales Drivers.
June Started “E-money Payment Service on Delivery” for TA-Q-BIN Collect. This service enables the use of major domestic e-money when paying for products purchased via mail-order.
Oct. In order to contribute to a low-carbon society, conducted collection/delivery driving tests using lightweight commercial electric vehicles.
2011 Feb. Started TA-Q-BIN service in Hong Kong.
Mar. Established the “Relief Goods Shipping Cooperation Team” in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, prefectures which were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Worked together with municipalities and provided full support for shipping of relief goods.
May In order to conduct collection/delivery while aiming to reduce environmental load, order 100 MINICAB-MiEV lightweight commercial electric vehicles.
May In order to reduce CO2, started TA-Q-BIN shipping using the “Randen” tram line in Kyoto.
July The safety and eco-navigation system “See-T Navi” won the Prize for Technology Developed to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Freight Transport at the 12th Freight Industry Environmental Awards.
Sept. Started TA-Q-BIN service in Malaysia.
Oct. Started issuing Kuroneko Member's e-money card. Also started Mobile Kuroneko Members (wallet phone member's card).
2012 Jan. Started providing the smartphone application “Kuroneko Yamato official application” to iPhone users.
Jan. Renewed the corporate portal site “Kuroneko My Page.” Started services for the business support portal site “Yamato Business Members” equipped with new functions.
Feb. Held the “1st Yamato Freight Nationwide Safety Competition” in an effort to further increase safety awareness and driving skills.
Mar. Total annual donation of the Yamato Group for supporting recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake calculated at 14,236,081,360 yen.
May Kuroneko Mail-Bin service unified to A4 size.
June The number of total participants in the “Children's Traffic Safety Workshop” reached 2 million.
June TA-Q-BIN freight using the “Randen” tram line in Kyoto won the Special Prize for Environmental Logistics at the 13th Freight Industry Environmental Awards.
Sept. Started the “TA-Q-BIN Pick-Up Location Selection Service,” which enables users to specify a convenience store as the pick-up location for mail-order products.
Nov. Beginning from documents, started “International TA-Q-BIN” service with as early as next-day delivery to overseas TA-Q-BIN regions.
Dec. Environmental protection activities conducted under the motto of “Nekology” won the "Implementation of Countermeasures” award category for the 2012 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity.
2013 Jan. Installed and started operation for a tablet version of the “NekoPit” store terminal.