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Golf/Ski TA-Q-BIN

Q01. When do parcels need to be sent by?

  • A1.This service delivers items to a golf course, ski resort or hotel by the day before the items will be used. Therefore, items must be shipped by the “Delivery deadline” either two or three days before they will be used.
    • *It is not possible to specify a time zone when delivering items to facilities such as a golf course, ski resort or hotel.

Q02. Do I have to put a cover over items?

  • A2.The special cover is required when sending a parcel. You can purchase the special cover from Kuroneko Yamato, so please inquire when placing your order.
    • *You can also place the travel bag in a cardboard box.

Q03. Are additional fees incurred?

Q04. Is there a discount for round trip shipping?

  • A4.For each parcel, a discount of 100 JPY is deducted from the return-trip shipping cost.
  • Full round trip shipping cost must be paid when applying for shipping to the destination.
    Round trip from airports is not available.

Q05. Is it possible to send items via Golf or Ski TA-Q-BIN even when items will not be used for play/recreation?

  • A5.Golf TA-Q-BIN and Ski TA-Q-BIN cannot be used to ship golf/ski equipment that will not be used for play or recreation.
  • When determining the shipping cost, TA-Q-BIN size 120 is applied to items such as golf bags, skis (1 pair), snowboards (1 board), and travel bags.
    TA-Q-BIN rates will be calculated depending on the actual size of cases containing skis (2pairs)/ snowboards (2 boards) and all-in-one cases containing skis/snowboards, ski/snowboard wear and boots and the weight should be within 25kg.
    Shipping costs for items packaged in cardboard boxes will be determined based on actual measurements. Parcels larger than size 160 are not accepted by TA-Q-BIN, please contact us.