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TA-Q-BIN (Rates, Handled Items)

Q01. I would like details on additional fees for each service.

Q02. How is the size determined?

  • A2.Size is determined using the larger of either size (total of L+W+H) or weight. (Example: Parcel with total measurements of 70 cm and a weight of 9 kg is size 100.)
Size Parcel Size Weight
Size 60 Within 60 cm Up to 2 kg
Size 80 Within 80 cm Up to 5 kg
Size 100 Within 100 cm Up to 10 kg
Size 120 Within 120 cm Up to 15 kg
Size 140 Within 140 cm Up to 20 kg
Size 160 Within 160 cm Up to 25 kg
Notes for Using Our Services
  • Size (cm) refers to the combined total of the length, width and height.
  • When either the parcel size or weight exceeds a size bracket, the size bracket corresponding to the larger parcel size or weight shall apply.
  • For parcels over size 160 or costing more than 300,000 JPY, please consult with Yamato Transport by contacting us here.
  • By telephone: English-language contact number 0120-17-9625 (Business Hours : 9 am - 6 pm)
    If you cannot use toll-free number, please call at 03-6757-1061.
  • Cool TA-Q-BIN is available up to size 120.

Q03. How can I check rates and delivery date for all of Japan?

Q04. What items cannot be sent using TA-Q-BIN?

  1. Cash, checks, bills, stock and other marketable securities.
  2. Cards such as credit cards and ATM cards.
  3. Examination certificates, passports, insurance documentation, visas and alien registration cards which cannot be reproduced.
  4. Written drafts, original films, tapes and film material which cannot be reproduced.
  5. Pets such as dogs, cats, and small birds, etc.
  6. Poisonous or toxic substances.
  7. Human remains, altars, Buddhist altars.
  8. Firearms, swords.
  9. Flammable, ignitable or volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters, paint thinner, and explosives.
  10. Individual parcels with a value that exceeds 300 thousand JPY.
  11. Unsanitary items or parcels which may cause damage to other parcels.
  12. Items which violate legislation on confidential documents or other laws/regulations, or items which violate public morals.
  • *TA-Q-BIN Time Service (when using next-day delivery for two-day delivery areas), Express TA-Q-BIN and TA-Q-BIN originating from/sent to Okinawa all use air freight. Therefore, in addition to the items listed above, New windowhazardous items cannot be shipped using these services.

Q05. What kinds of terms and conditions apply to TA-Q-BIN?


Terms and conditions are defined in the shipping contract for parcels to which TA-Q-BIN rates apply.
Click the following link for further information.