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Solutions for Mail order dealer

Issue 1: Wish to Expand Sales Further by Responding to Customers Who Desire Rapid Delivery.

Approximately half of customer complaints regarding mail-order products are trouble with shipping. For example, customers complain that shipping is slow or that the product is not delivered on the specified day and time. It is said that there is a flood of orders from web shopping users from evening until late night. However, orders placed from 8 pm until 12 am are processed the following day. This makes it impossible to satisfy customers who want the product immediately or the following day, leading to customer complaints…

Solutions offered by Yamato!


Same-day delivery for orders placed late at night by customers who desire immediate delivery!

I want it and I want it now!—Yamato provides same-day delivery in response to real desires of mail-order shopping users.

Until now, when ordering products through internet shopping, it was normal for several days to pass before delivery. Yamato Group has surpassed the conventional ideas of mail-order shopping to simultaneously realize same-day delivery and reduced costs.

We provide services which satisfy both mail-order users and dealers.

  • Today Shopping Service

Issue 2: Wish to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Returns by Using Shipping that Meets the Needs of Customers Receiving the Product.

"I was busy and wasn’t around to receive the parcel". "I wanted delivery changed to a new location on a different date".—Do you have problems with customer circumstances leading to an increased return rate for productions and opportunity loss?

Solutions offered by Yamato!


Offering a variety of settlement methods that meet the needs of mail-order users!

In order to improve the convenience of receipt, Yamato Group offers "Designated receiving TA-Q-BIN service". This service makes it possible to change the receipt time and location to meet the needs of mail-order customers. We also offer a variety of settlement methods including e-money for payment on delivery.

  • TA-Q-BIN Collect
  • Designated receiving TA-Q-BIN service (Japanese only)
  • TA-Q-BIN Collect: Payment with e-money at Delivery (New window)

Flow Chart

Image: Solutions for Mail order dealer Flow Chart

Important Points!

Same-day Delivery for Mail-orders: A Powerful Ally!

Offering the industry’s fastest delivery, with as short as 4 hours from order until delivery (*limited to 15 wards in Tokyo). Even products ordered late at night can be delivered on the same day. We promise increased satisfaction when using mail-order shipping.

Mail Order Dealer Can Focus on Sales Activities.

We offer integrated services which handle product inventory management, delivery and collection of payment. This allows mail order dealers to focus on sales of products.


Please use the special form provided below to make inquiries regarding Today Shopping Service. Inquiries should be made in Japanese.

Special inquiry form for Today Shopping Service

Logistics Consultation
Handles inquiries regarding the logistics of businesses. (Japanese only)

Today Shopping Service