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Global Logistics Solution

Issue 1: Desire for Improved Logistics Efficiency for Procurement From Overseas.

As borderless business with overseas is advanced, many corporations conduct procurement and supply by importing from overseas. However, as price competitiveness for supply becomes fiercer, it becomes necessary to revise procurement logistics. Is your business experiencing issues like the ones listed below? Yamato Group offers proposals based on the business customers’ current situation.

  • Commodity-based shipping is not possible.
  • Fresh products have a short period of value.
  • Extra warehouse costs are incurred during busy periods.
  • Mounting intermediate storage costs for moving products to import warehouses.
  • Not sure where products are located.
  • Would like to import products…but feel uneasy.

Solutions offered by Yamato!


Realizing reduced costs and faster shipping by utilizing the TA-Q-BIN network in Japan and overseas. Supporting global business with high quality services!!

Yamato Global Direct realizes simplified and efficient logistics by directly linking the forwarding capability of Yamato Group with TA-Q-BIN networks in Japan and overseas. In addition to shipping from overseas to Japan, Yamato can provide integrated shipping from Japan to final destinations overseas. For example, the importing of fresh food products. Due to limited sales opportunities, products must be delivered efficiently and as quickly as possible. However, until now, many businesses dealt with products which passed through several logistics companies after being imported and were temporarily transported to warehouses in Japan. Yamato Group provides integrated management from overseas until the final destination in Japan. Furthermore, although imported products were stored in warehouses after importing during conventional logistics, our company can put products directly into our TA-Q-BIN network after importing. This results in reduced costs and increased speed, as well as the reduction of lost sales opportunities.

  • Yamato Global Direct

Issue 2: Want to Start a Full-scale Mail-order Business Similar to Japan in Locations Like Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The Japanese market is oversaturated. Future growth strategy for Yamato consists of overseas expansion, particularly to neighboring Asian countries.

Solutions offered by Yamato!


Overseas TA-Q-BIN network

The Yamato Group network is not limited to Japan. Currently, we are actively expanding our TA-Q-BIN network overseas. We are constructing a TA-Q-BIN network identical to Japan in regions such as Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Of course, delivery and pickup for private individuals can be performed in each country. Furthermore, we possess logistics warehouses that support domestic sales in each country. This enables us to provide high-quality inventory management in addition to shipping to the final destination.

  • Overseas TA-Q-BIN Service

Flow Chart

Image: Example: Direct shipping from an overseas factory

Important Points!

Only Yamato Group Can Directly Link the TA-Q-BIN Network with International Delivery.

Yamato Group provides total transportation services such as shipping between countries, inventory management and shipping to private individuals. Moreover, our overseas TA-Q-BIN network has been constructed with the same high quality as the Japan TA-Q-BIN network. Therefore, companies expanding overseas can focus on their core business and rely on Yamato Group for total logistics outsourcing. For shipping in Japan, shipping to Japan from overseas, shipping to overseas from Japan or shipping between foreign countries—trust Yamato Group with all your logistics needs.


Send inquiries regarding Yamato Global Direct to the email address listed below. Inquiries can be made in Japanese, English and Chinese.

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Handles inquiries regarding the logistics for businesses. (Japanese only)

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