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TA-Q-BIN Time Service/S-PAT9am Delivery

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Preparing Shipping Labels

How to Fill Out Shipping Labels

Please fill out the section within bold lines by writing firmly with a ballpoint pen.

Image: TA-Q-BIN Time Service Shipping Label

  • *In order to ensure safe shipping, please enter a detailed product name.
    If it is not possible to identify information such as the model number, product number, product symbol, general merchandise, daily items, parts and/or machinery, then shipping may be delayed or not possible.

Shipping Methods

Dropping Off a Parcel at Our Sales Offices

We accept parcels at Yamato sales offices.

A discount of 100 JPY per parcel is applied to parcels which are dropped off directly at a Yamato sales office.

Pickup Service

Please make a telephone call to have a Sales Driver in Charge come pick up parcels. Feel free to use this service.

Services that can be used in combination with one another

The following services with a white background, can be used together.

Specified Date Delivery Time Zone Delivery* Cash on Delivery Service
Multiple-parcel reduction System Cool TA-Q-BIN Express TA-Q-BIN
TA-Q-BIN Time Service Golf / Ski TA-Q-BIN Airport TA-Q-BIN
Round Trip TA-Q-BIN TA-Q-BIN Collect PC TA-Q-BIN
  • *TA-Q-BIN Time Service is delivered by 10 am or 5 pm (Depending on the area, the date and time you can specify for delivery may vary) S-PAT9am Delivery is delivered by 9 am to major cities across Japan.

Service locations

Pickup from your location
Yamato Sales Offices
General TA-Q-BIN Agencies
Convenience Stores


0120-01-9625 Hours: 8:00am-9:00pm (365 days a year)

  • *Japanese only.