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UPS Worldwide Express Saver: Prohibited Items List

In addition to commonly prohibited articles for the countries listed below, there are articles prohibited depending on each country. Please be sure to check our New windowCountry Guide.

Items Examples of Undeliverable
Food Liquor Japanese sake, whisky, beer, regular liquor, cooking liquor, sweet cooking rice wine, etc.
Items that require temperature management/perishables Unbaked cakes, etc.
Fresh food Vegetables, fruits, etc.
Meat products Instant noodles containing meat, retort-pouched curry containing meat, food boiled in soy sauce, etc.
Meat extract included.
Beans (Non-processed)  
Health food Supplements, vitamin pills, etc.
Raw rice *Retort-pouched rice can be sent.
Dairy products Milk, cheese, dry milk, yogurt, etc.
Flora and Fauna Cut flowers Including traditional Japanese decorations for New Year, Shimenawa (sacred straw ropes)
Seeds, dirt Bonsai plants, etc.
Live animals, fish, insects, etc.  
Fur Rabbit, fox, etc.
Items prohibited by the Washington Convention (CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Ivory, turtle shells, ostrich, leather products, etc.

Hazardous Items/

Hazardous items Lighters, fireworks, nail polish, spray, hair mousse, adhesive agents, paint, perfume, pocket warmers, coal, magnets, lithium batteries*, etc. (*For shipping products containing lithium batteries such as notebook personal computers, mobile phones, portable game players, please see FAQ.)
Knives Scissors, kitchen knives, cutter knives, saws, etc.
Gas springs Including gas type shock absorbers for automobiles and gas spring for opening and closing rear gates
Deleterious substances/poison  
Narcotics/Drugs Including medicines such as cold medicine
Others Financial securities such as cash, cheques, stocks, BLs (bill of landing) and credit cards
Items that cannot be reissued such as passports and driver's licenses
Firearms and swords (including imitations)
Precious metal, precious stones, jewelry, currency of each country, and other precious items
Art, antiques
Items that are difficult to be appraised
Pornographic material
Goods separately sent by tourists and goods for moving
Electromagnetic wave treatment devices
Articles for ships/articles for airplanes
Confidential documents (according to Article 4 of Postal Act) * New window Please confirm here for guidelines of documents falling under "confidential documents". (Japanese only)
Other items stipulated byPDF downloadInternational Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service Terms and Conditions (PDF: 68KB)