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UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Notes for Using Our Services

  • Single parcels containing items with a price exceeding US $50,000 cannot be handled.
  • We do not handle items addressed to post-office boxes, APO (Army Post Office) boxes, FPO (Fleet Post Office) boxes, hotels, lodges, schools or school dormitories.
  • We do not handle belongings associated with moving to a new address (unaccompanied goods).
  • Pearls and products made from pearl are handled only for the continental United States (excludes Hawaii, Guam and Saipan).
  • When sending textile products to the United States, a textile visa is required to clear local import customs. (Excludes gifts between individuals, as well as items which are labeled as samples and have a hole punched in them.)
  • A packing list is required when sending multiple parcels to the same address in Taiwan.
  • Depending on the product name, there are some items which are prohibited and cannot be handled, or which require a certificate of authorization/authentication from Japan or the importing country.

Stoppage of Consignment for Food Products Destined for America

In order to protect American consumers from bioterror, the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has strengthened import restrictions on food products, beverages and animal food (including products destined for other countries via America).

From July 1st (Thurs.), 2004, UPS has stopped the consignment of food products, beverages and animal food which is destined for America or which UPS is shipping to another country in Central/South America, Europe or Africa via the United States. This policy was enacted because UPS determined a high possibility of trouble occurring during transportation of such items.

Consignment stoppage items Specific product name
Food products All food products (all products including fresh foods, processed foods, snacks, spices, etc.)
Beverages All beverages (all products including fluids, tea leaves, powder, etc.)
Animal food All items which are food for pets or livestock
  • *Currently, UPS transports parcels destined for North/Central/South America, Europe and Africa via the United States. Therefore, consignment of the items listed above has been stopped for all regions except Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. For details on countries for which consignment has stopped, contact the UPS Customer Service Center (0120-74-2877, English or Japanese only).
  • *Consignment of food products (including beverages and animal food) that are personal gifts between individuals resumed on November 17th, 2004.
    Please write "Gift Shipment" clearly on the invoice.

Main Items Requiring Certificates for Export

Items requiring an export permit, or those which require a parameter sheet stating exemption from laws/regulations.

Military related Cells, DNA,  reagents, components for aircraft/ships, etc.
Nuclear related Inverters, pressure measuring devices, measuring equipment, etc.
Ingredients for chemicals/pharmaceuticals, related manufacturing equipment Valves, pumps, detection equipment for components in air, etc.
Bacterial agents Viruses, bacteria, genes, etc.
Rocket related Composite materials, artificial graphite, carbon fibers, acceleration meters, gyroscopes, etc.
Advanced materials Polyimide products, metal alloys, lubricants, ceramic products.
Machine tools Bearings, spindles, etc.
Electronics IC*, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, silicon wafers, etc.
Computers Office computers, work stations, etc.
Communications Network devices, optical fibers, etc.
Encryption equipment Internet browsers, etc.
Optical devices Photodetectors, mirror laser emitters, radars, etc.
Navigation equipment Acceleration meters, GPS, gyroscopes, etc.
Marine vessel devices Underwater cameras, etc.

About IC

  • *A parameter sheet is not necessary for manufacturers which are proclaimed as exempt on lists issued by the Center for Information on Security Trade Control.

An export permit is required when shipping the items listed above (portion of restrictions).
Please acquire an export permit by applying to the Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of the METI.
Furthermore, for items which are exempt, a certificate of exemption (parameter sheet = certificate of exemption) is required.
Please use parameter sheets issued by the Center for Information on Security Trade Control.
Attach the original parameter sheet as a certificate for clearing customs (copies are not accepted).

Importing Countries Requiring a Certificate of Origin When Sending Textile Products

Countries requiring an export permit, or those which require a parameter sheet stating exemption from laws/regulations.

Ireland Holland Germany
Argentina Canary Islands Norway
England Greece Finland
Italy Spain France
Austria Denmark Belgium

Depending on import items and categories, a certificate of origin may be required even for items other than textile products.

Re-importing of Repair Parts

  • *When shipping items which require repair overseas, tax reduction/exemption for re-importing of repair items cannot be applied.

Notes for Using Our Services

  1. Generally speaking, the contents of parcels should be packed using buffering materials with a thickness of 5 to 6 cm.
    In particular, use double-layer packaging for glass and fragile items.
    If it is judged that packaging was insufficient, compensation may not be possible even when ad valorem fees have been added.
  2. When ad valorem fees are not paid, the maximum compensation amount for loss or damage will be 11,000* JPY.**
  3. We take no responsibility for indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from negligence or other failure to fulfill duties.
    However, this excludes cases in which other regulations are defined by law. (Compensation does not include lost profit or costs such as signal codes which arise due to loss or damage.)
  4. All negotiation and compensation for freight-related accidents shall be conducted with the consigner.
  • *English terms and conditions state a limit of US $100. This shall be converted to 11,000 JPY.
  • **Contact the UPS Japan Customer Service Center (0120-74-2877, English or Japanese only) for further details.

Notes for Sending Notebook Computers/Mobile Phones:
From January 2009, in order to ensure safe air transport, restrictions on handling for international air transport have become stricter when performing overseas shipping of notebook computers, mobile phones and other devices containing lithium batteries.
Individual transportation contracts are required between the sender and Yamato. Therefore, we have stopped consignment of such items.


UPS Japan Co., Ltd. 0120-74-2877 Weekdays 9:00 am-6:30 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Inquiry by email

  • *Support offered in both English and Japanese.