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TA-Q-BIN Collect is a simple and convenient comprehensive settlement service which provides a one-stop solution through a variety of settlement methods. The service supports a broad range of settlement needs such as payment by credit, mobile phone or at a convenience store. This offers powerful support for nonstore retailing and nationwide mail order sales.

Features of TA-Q-BIN Collect

  • Provides a variety of payment methods according to customer needs. Captures every sales opportunity.
  • Unifies the collection services of settlement companies which had been used separately.
  • Regardless of the settlement method, money is transferred in batches as short as 5-day periods. This makes reconciliation more convenient and increases the speed of cash flow.
  • All sales drivers carry a settlement terminal, making it possible to use all settlement methods anywhere throughout the country.

Various Settlement Methods

Settlement Service Service Type
TA-Q-BIN Collect
  • Money is collected when the TA-Q-BIN is delivered. Standard settlement methods ensure reliable payment on delivery, thus realizing 100% collection for product payments.
  • In addition to cash, e-money can also be used when TA-Q-BIN is delivered. The purchaser can pay the entire cost with e-money, or can specify the payment amount using e-money and then pay the remainder with cash.
    This helps to accelerate the acquisition of new customers who mainly use e-money and have them continue to use the service.
  • In addition to cash, credit cards and debit cards can also be used when TA-Q-BIN is delivered. This enables you to capture every sales opportunity.
  • *Payment on delivery (cash) may be necessary for cases in which credit card payments are not possible due to weak electric signals.
Kuroneko Web Collect
  • Multiple credit cards can be used if applied for.
    The identity verification service 3D Secure is a standard feature, thus realizing reliable security.
  • *All cards with a JCB, VISA, MASTERCARD, Diners or American Express mark can be used.
  • It is not necessary to print or ship an invoice or payment slips. Payments can be made 24-hours a day at major convenience stores by using the order number issued when performing payment procedures on the internet.
  • Payment is possible 24-hours a day simply by scanning an e-money card (RakutenEdy, Suica, WAON) or Osaifu-Keitai (Wallet Mobile) over a FeliCa or PaSoRi port which is attached to the computer.
  • *Osaifu-Keitai is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.
  • This service enables purchasers to pay for products 24-hours a day from their Rakuten bank account.
    Payment can be made simply from an ordinary bank account.

Handling Charge for Payment on Delivery

The following handling charges will be applied per parcel for payment on delivery.

Payment on delivery amount Handling charge (including tax)
Less than 10,000 JPY 324 JPY (base price: 300 JPY, consumption tax: 24 JPY)
10,000 JPY to 29,999 JPY 432 JPY (base price: 400 JPY, consumption tax: 32 JPY)
30,000 JPY to 99,999 JPY 648 JPY (base price: 600 JPY, consumption tax: 48 JPY)
100,000 JPY to 300,000 JPY 1,080 JPY (base price: 1,000 JPY, consumption tax: 80 JPY)

Inquiries/Application for TA-Q-BIN Collect

For Personal Customers Who Wish to Use TA-Q-BIN Collect

For details on using TA-Q-BIN Collect, please view the TA-Q-BIN Collect Information page for individual customers.

Information on opening an internet shop or constructing online shopping (Yamato Group).

Services that can be used in combination with one another

The following services with a white background, can be used together.

Specified Date Delivery Time Zone Delivery Cash on Delivery Service
Multiple-parcel reduction System Cool TA-Q-BIN Express TA-Q-BIN
TA-Q-BIN Time Service Golf / Ski TA-Q-BIN Airport TA-Q-BIN
Round Trip TA-Q-BIN TA-Q-BIN Collect PC TA-Q-BIN

Service locations

Pickup from your location
Yamato Sales Offices
General TA-Q-BIN Agencies
Convenience Stores

Notes for Using Our Services

  • In order to use TA-Q-BIN Collect, a contract must be made in advance with Yamato Financial Co., Ltd.
  • As a result of the screening process, use of the service may not be possible in cases where public morals, laws, regulations or social norms are violated.
  • A TA-Q-BIN Collect shipping label must be used for payment on delivery and when payment is made by e-money or credit card at the time of delivery.
  • In the case of payment on delivery and/or when payment is made by e-money or credit card at the time of delivery, if a customer refuses receipt of the product or if the customer cannot be contacted even one week after arrival of the product, then the product will be returned using cash on delivery. Service fees will be charged even when parcels are returned.
  • *Freight costs, bank transfer charges and revenue stamp costs are not included in service fees.


Handles inquiries regarding the logistics for businesses.

  • Inquiry in Japanese
  • Inquiry in English